Friday, 16 November 2018

Obvious Signs Your Girl Squad Is Toxic And What To Do About It?

Being part of a social group is an essential experience for even the most introverted of us, 
however, sometimes we can find ourselves in a friendship cohort that feels as if it's doing 
more harm than good. In fact, such a group can become toxic, 
an experience that is highly unpleasant and that most of us girls have experienced at one time 
or another. 
Happily,  it is possible to navigate the choppy waters of a toxic friend squad, without going under, 
just read on to find out how.

Peer pressure rules

At best peer pressure from a supportive and understanding squad can encourage you to go 
beyond your own, self-imposed limitations and push yourself further than you would on your own. 
Unfortunately, at worst, peer pressure from a toxic friendship group can get into in all sort of trouble,
including creating significant blocks to kicking harmful habits such as 
excessive and problem drinking.

Yes, it can be tough to stand up to a whole group of people that they believe they are right and 
are encouraging you to do what they want. Especially when the habit itself, like drinking alcohol, is 
so widely socially accepted and even encouraged.

Of course, many people's worry here is that they don't want to lose their standing in the group, 
or be made an outsider, something that is actually totally natural, 
as humans are, after all, social creatures. 
However, you can deal with such a situation effectively by setting clear boundaries, 
getting help from a professional like the Stop Drinking Expert, and 
making sure you still put effort into your friendships. 
Albeit, outside of situations where the problem behavior such as 
excessive drinking is the primary goal.  

Social media is the dominant form of communication

Next, ask yourself when the last time you saw your squad face to face in real life was? A month ago, 
two, six? Well if it's longer than that and the only contact you have is through social media, 
things may be turning a little toxic.
After all, messaging is convenient, but it's not the same as face to face contact
Primarily because there is no body language, or facial expressions to rely on.

What this means is that misunderstandings are much more likely to happen. 
Unfortunately, this is something that can end up and build resentments that will continue to simmer, 
until you get to interact in real life and realize that they might not 
have been the big deal that you first thought!

Competition vs support

Finally, your squad may be turning toxic if there is more competition between you than there is 
support. Sadly, women 
trying to be better than each other and tearing each other down is a too common experience.
Of course, things won't change overnight, but we all have the choice and the responsibility
to build each other up, support each other, and drop the competitive vibe.
In fact, this sounds like something that we should all add to our #squadgoals list if
we want to nip any toxicity in the bud before it starts to take hold.

Hope you like this post, Let me know your thoughts?

Have a great Day!


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