Monday, 24 September 2018

st.moriz tan review

I'm back again with another fake tan review, you may have seen my recent clarins tanning gel review, which i absolutely love however since it is very pricey i am only using it on my face, so i needed something cheap i could use all over.
Since i love gel type solutions i opted for the 'ST. MORIZ Velvet finish tanning gel' which was a great bargain at under £6 on amazon, anyway lets get into the details...

The application
It is a gel formula that is white to clear in colour, non sticky or greasy and very easy and to use, its also very moisturising.
It develops within a few hours, i generally apply at night so i wake up tanned, its non streaky and perfect for beginner tanners i just used my hands however for a more even application you can use a tanning mit.
Unlike many tanners it did not stain my clothes or sheets so thats definitely a  bonus.

The colour
It comes in 2 shades medium and dark, so being very pale i opted for the medium, for being medium it does come out quite dark, even with one application, so you don't need to use a lot, it gives a natural bronze looking finish and is 'not' orange!

Lasting power
It lasted for quite a few days, with daily showering and sweating, and is easy to top up. 

At only £5.49 for 175ml it is a steal! and is quite a large tube that should last me a while.

Overall I'm very pleased with this tanning gel and its definitely something i would repurchase and will probably be my new fave tan!


- gel formula
- easy application
- nice scent
- cheap price
- nice shade 


- highly scented (some may not like this) 

Hope you liked this lil review and found it helpful, let me know your thoughts? 
have you tried this tan before? 

Have a great day! 


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  1. I've never fake tanned before, and I really want to start but have no idea what to try. I'm glad to hear this one is good for beginners, and I might pick a bottle up, thank you!

    Steph -


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