Wednesday, 8 August 2018

july favourites

Its been a long time since i've shared a favourites post, so i thought i'd share a few things i've been loving this past month..

1. Simple sheet masks
Lets starts with these not so 'simple' sheet masks, these are without a doubt the best sheet masks i have ever used.
Having sensitive skin i have to be very careful about the masks i used on my face, so really didn't expect much from a cheap face mask but after looking at the ingredients there actually pretty decent.
They are extremely soothing, refreshing and moisturising and really help to moisturise the skin and soothe redness, they are covered in essence so no need to even apply moisturiser after using.
They come in 3 different varieties, the 'de-stress mask' the 'moisture mask' and the 'pollution protect mask'.
I can't say i have a favourite since they all serve a purpose, anyway i could go on about these all day, they are really are amazing i recommend you give them a try!
There available at boots for £3 each however tesco has them on offer at the moment for only £1.50 each!

2. 'Pretty smooth' Charcoal nose pore strips
I've been looking for the perfect pore strips forever haven't we all!
Well i think i found them, i wasn't expecting much since they were only £2.50 on amazon for 6 strips, but they really are the best pore strip i have ever used that actually do remove blackheads and whiteheads.
I've used lots of pore strips in the past all the expensive big brands but nothing compares to these and you just can't beat the price!

3. RESIST Vitamin C spot treatment by Paula's choice
I'm a big fan of Paula's choice products, so whenever i need some sort of skin treatment i look to her products.
Its supposed to be great for spots, age spots, hyper pigmentation, scarring and anti ageing.
My main reason for picking this up was for scarring and redness left over from spots.
 I have noticed a big difference since using, it immediately targets redness since it has a mattifying blurring effect and overtime it does help with scarring.
I picked this up in the trial size since they are so expensive.

4. Clarins self tanning instant gel 
You've may have already seen my full review on this product, so if you're interested you can check this out here, but it really is a a fantastic fake tan, perfect for the summer!

5. Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee
You may have seen a previous review i did on mushroom coffee here, but i had a love hate relationship with it. 
The one i tried previously contained cordyceps and chaga, however this one contains, lions mane and chaga. 
I was doing some research and found that 'lions mane' can be helpful in those with chronic fatigue syndrome, so thought i'd give it ago. 
I definitely found it gave me a boost but without the jitters, however again not too keen on the taste and it is rather pricey, it would be good if i could find a cheaper alternative.

6. Bulk Powders 'Kale and Spinach' 
I was looking for some added nutrients to put into my smoothies, and came across these from bulk powders they have tonnes of great stuff from protein powders to spirulina and all at very reasonable prices. 
I really like the idea of the kale and spinach powders as it saves money on buying fresh greens and they also don't go bad! and they are just 100% spinach and kale nothing added. 
Not only are they great for adding to smoothies but you can also make a delicious pesto or use in baking. 

Hope you liked this post! 
Let me know your thoughts? have you tried any of these faves?


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