Friday, 10 August 2018

10 Things its not ok to say to someone with an eating disorder!

As someone who has previously suffered with eating disorders now recovered, i thought i would share some tips on things not to say to someone with an eating disorder. 

1. "Why don't you just Eat?"
If only it was that simple, an Eating disorder is a 'Mental illness' emphasis on the 'illness'

2. ''Your so skinny''
This is never a good idea to say to someone with and ed, because all this does is make them feel good and will push them further into their eating disorder.
I remember when friends would say How skinny I was, and this made me feel good, when it shouldn't have, it wasn't good that I was starving myself, throwing up, and forcing myself to do crazy amounts of exercise daily!

3. "Your fat, chubby, normal sized"
Quite the opposite of saying someones skinny, 'fat' never a very nice thing to say to anyone, and especially to someone who suffers from an eating disorder, they already have low self esteem and this could push them over the edge.
Don't even say it as a joke, its best to just steer clear on the topic of weight!

4. Discuss calories, fat, food intake
Best to not talk about this either, as it will only make their eating disorder worse.
People with eating disorders are very competitive and will see it as a challenge to compete with you on who eats the least etc.

5. "Why not just eat Healthy and Exercise?"
Like I said before, do you not think this isn't something they've thought of? an eating Disorder isn't a diet or a way to control weight, its a serious 'illness'.

6. ''I understand I went on a Diet for a month''
An eating disorder isn't about vanity, or losing weight it is a mental illness, do not compare you dieting to someone suffering from an illness!

7. ''Your just shallow''
Never ever compare a person with a Mental illness, to someone who's shallow?
Its not about looks, or being the skinniest prettiest person ever,  if it was an eating disorder would certainly be the last thing to get those results, an eating disorder is usually cause by an underlying issue, its not generally just about weight, although it is for some people and it does become like that, but that's definitely not because their shallow.
In fact I have found people who suffer with eating disorders and mental illness, to be the least shallow people!

8. ''Don't you know there's people starving in the world?"
Yes I am fully aware they already know this!, don't try to make someone feel guilty and ashamed for having an 'illness', that's like someone telling someone you shouldn't eat so much because there are people starving!

9. ''You don't look like you have an eating disorder''
There's no standard look of an eating disorder, contrary to popular belief not everyone that suffers with and ed is underweight, they can be of all sizes, underweight, normal weight, overweight, all races, all ages, there's no standard look, whilst most you would think, would look unhealthy and worn out that's not always the case, our bodies work very hard to counteract all the stress its going through, although with time, you will notice a depletion in health and physical exterior.

10. "I wish I was 'Bulimic' 'Anorexic"
This is without a doubt the most stupid thing to say!
I actually heard someone say it recently and it really angered me
all the pain and suffering someone with and Eating disorder has to go through on a daily basis, I wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy!
That's like someone saying they wished they had 'cancer' or 'cystic fibrosis' or any other illness.

Please try to refrain from saying these things around someone with an Eating Disorder, its a very horrible and difficult thing to suffer with, it will only make them feel worse, and you should want to make them feel better!

Hope you liked this post, let me know your thoughts?


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