Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Raw vegan pasta salad

I'm a huge pasta lover, and one of my fave pasta dishes besides pesto pasta is a 'pasta salad', with it being summer i decided to come up with a lighter option which is a raw vegan pasta salad.
Its light and refreshing and easily digestible so perfect for the summer months, and has a wealth of health benefits, and its delicious of course!
Its made from a base of zucchini noodles so if you like zucchini then i'm sure you'll like this, but if your not a fan of the green goodness then you can swap it out for cucumber noodles, carrot or even beet noodles, anyway lets get into the recipe...


Monday, 13 August 2018

Vegan omelette recipe

You may have seen my Vegan egg recipe from a while ago, so if you liked that then i'm sure you'll like this vegan omelette recipe, its very similar to how i made the vegan egg, and makes for a great high protein healthy alternative to regular eggs.
Its delicious easy to make and perfect for a weekend brunch, hope you enjoy...


Friday, 10 August 2018

10 Things its not ok to say to someone with an eating disorder!

As someone who has previously suffered with eating disorders now recovered, i thought i would share some tips on things not to say to someone with an eating disorder. 

1. "Why don't you just Eat?"
If only it was that simple, an Eating disorder is a 'Mental illness' emphasis on the 'illness'

2. ''Your so skinny''
This is never a good idea to say to someone with and ed, because all this does is make them feel good and will push them further into their eating disorder.
I remember when friends would say How skinny I was, and this made me feel good, when it shouldn't have, it wasn't good that I was starving myself, throwing up, and forcing myself to do crazy amounts of exercise daily!

3. "Your fat, chubby, normal sized"
Quite the opposite of saying someones skinny, 'fat' never a very nice thing to say to anyone, and especially to someone who suffers from an eating disorder, they already have low self esteem and this could push them over the edge.
Don't even say it as a joke, its best to just steer clear on the topic of weight!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

july favourites

Its been a long time since i've shared a favourites post, so i thought i'd share a few things i've been loving this past month..

1. Simple sheet masks
Lets starts with these not so 'simple' sheet masks, these are without a doubt the best sheet masks i have ever used.
Having sensitive skin i have to be very careful about the masks i used on my face, so really didn't expect much from a cheap face mask but after looking at the ingredients there actually pretty decent.
They are extremely soothing, refreshing and moisturising and really help to moisturise the skin and soothe redness, they are covered in essence so no need to even apply moisturiser after using.
They come in 3 different varieties, the 'de-stress mask' the 'moisture mask' and the 'pollution protect mask'.
I can't say i have a favourite since they all serve a purpose, anyway i could go on about these all day, they are really are amazing i recommend you give them a try!
There available at boots for £3 each however tesco has them on offer at the moment for only £1.50 each!


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