Sunday, 15 July 2018

Coffee Chat update #Endometriosis #CFS

Hi there!

Hope your all well?
You may have noticed i haven't uploaded on here in a while, my health has been pretty bad for the last month so i've just been taking some time out to get better.

As you may know from my blog i suffer from Endometriosis and CFS and it has been in a severe flare up lately, i think the extreme heat has been the culprit, we've been having a heatwave for the past month now in the UK and if you suffer with chronic illness yourself then you'll know that extreme weather conditions can really affect it.

So i've just been trying to focus on my health i've been doing some cleanses and making sure my diets perfect and trying to relax more and get adequate rest.
I've been reading a lot during this time as you do and have found a couple books very helpful regarding chronic illness, so i thought i'd better share them.

Books I've found helpful:

- You can heal your life, by Louise Hay
This book focuses on how the mind and body are connected and how many physical illness can be caused by mental illness and trauma, Louise talks about her own trauma and ways in which you can heal your mind and body, its very spirituality based so may not be for everyone but it is a good empowering and positive read.
She also has another book 'You can heal your body' which i'll definitely be reading next.

- Heal Endometriosis Naturally, by Wendy K Laidlaw
This book is by a fellow Endometriosis sufferer Wendy, who suffered through severe endometriosis for 20 years with little to no help from the medical industry. She shares her story through healing from endometriosis, it focuses on natural and holistic ways to heal using diet, herbal remedies and more.

- Medical Medium, by Anthony William
Anthony william medical medium has had a gift of a 'spirit' since he was 4 years old who has helped him be able to heal people from many chronic illness's, he shares stories on patients he has healed and shares route causes of some chronic illness's and ways in which you can heal them through diet and herbalism.

If you haven't already read these i'd definitely recommend many are free to read on audible trial or kindle.
Which audible's great by the way when you have brain fog and can't take in what your reading!

Anyway hope your all enjoying the summer i'll have more posts to come shortly!


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