Thursday, 26 July 2018

Clarins self tanning instant gel review

Now that were into the summer months i like to trade in my ghostly pale skin for a little tan, because lets face it a sun kissed glow looks much better in a dress than bare legs covered in bruises and veins popping through.
Being very pale and suffering with sensitive skin i always find it difficult finding the perfect tan, i've used many in the past that have been bright orange or just far too highly perfumed.

I'm a fan of the moisturising lotion type tans, however in this sweaty summer weather i find them difficult to work with since there so greasy and take a long time to dry, being sweaty on top of that doesn't exactly help the application.
So i decide to look for something non greasy like a tanning gel, and came across this one from Clarins, with much research i finally took the plunge and purchased the rather pricey clarins gel tan.

This very refreshing, non-oily gel provides an instant, incomparably natural-looking tan. No need to wait before dressing. Use all year round to maintain a beautiful sun-kissed radiance. Without sun exposure, instantly gives skin the warm, golden glow of a natural tan. Pomotes a perfectly even and long-lasting tanned appearance. Helps prevent premature signs of skin ageing.

The application
Its the best tan application i have ever tried it a simple clear gel that is non sticky and sinks into the skin straight away, so no need to wait to dress.
Being a gel its also very cooling so perfect for the hot weather i like to keep it in the fridge so when i apply it cools my body down too, and also preserves the life of the product.

The colour
Its in one colour and develops with repeated use, so you can adjust to your desired colour, i generally apply at night and by morning it has developed with a beautiful sun kissed glow. (It isn't an immediate tan)
It doesn't show up very dark so is perfect for paler skin, if you want a deeper colour repeating the process will do that.

Lasting power
It seems to last for around a week, with daily showering and exercising, obviously if you exfoliate and scrub rigorously it will wash off.

Perfect for sensitive skin
I have found it to be perfect for sensitive skin and have even used on my face, with no trouble at all, i'm always very skeptical to use tan on my face but this was perfect, and gives me such a lovely glow so i can go without makeup.

The price
At £21 for 125ml it is pretty pricey however i will mostly be using the tan on my face so as not to waste it all and it will last long.


- Gel formula
- developing tan
- long lasting
- non greasy
- suitable for sensitive skin


- price (expensive)

Overall i love this tan and its something i will definitely repurchase and recommend to others.
Hope you liked this lil review, have you tried this tan yourself? 

Have a great day!


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