Monday, 18 June 2018

The positives of living with chronic illness

We all hear about the negatives of chronic illness because lets face it, it is mostly negative! However like with everything there's positives and negatives so today i thought i'd share with you some of positives i have found living with a chronic illness...

It makes you more 'compassionate'
When your suffering everyday you start to feel empathy for others who are also suffering like yourself. 
Your able to understand more about people and put yourself in others shoes. 
Compassion is a fantastic trait to have, it seems to be so rare today!

It makes you smarter
When you live with mystery or very little known illness's you start to learn big words like myalgic encephalomyelitis.
And you pretty much become your own doctor, you learn so much more about the human body and mind, things that you never thought existed. 

High pain tolerance
Ofcourse when you live with chronic pain its obviously extremely unpleasant and you never really get used to it, but you do however start to develop a high pain tolerance for everything else in life, like when you accidentally cut yourself or you have tooth ache, you get punched in the face, ''didn't feel a thing'' (little exaggeration) but you get what i mean. 
You almost don't feel compassionate when others suffer with these things, because you have to endure far worse on a daily basis!

You appreciate life more
People seem to take life for granted these days, you probably did once too before you got sick, however when your suffering with ill health you realise just how precious life and 'your health' really is. 
You appreciate loved ones more, you appreciate having a roof over your head, you appreciate food on your plate and the beauty of nature and the developed world, these little things others take for granted on a daily basis you know are complete luxuries!

You rarely get sick (despite the obvious of course)
I don't know about you but ever since i become chronically ill i've never actually become ill with anything else like a cold or stomach bug, i guess its a good thing really because having chronic illness and then something else on top would be awful. 
I think its something to do with your body fighting so hard already with chronic illness that your body simply can't handle anything else. 
I know i'd trade in chronic illness any day for just a cold twice a year that's nothing!

You learn to love yourself
When you live with chronic illness you finally learn to truly love yourself, i think many of us suffering with ill health never really did before, but now you have to because you'll never get better without love and support and the love from yourself is the most important of all, it took me many years to learn this and its still a daily practice.

You take care of yourself
Like loving yourself, you have to learn to take care of yourself, for many with chronic illness we become abandoned by friends and family, so the only person we can rely to take care of us is ourselves, we learn to rest when needed, to nourish our bodies, and to put ourselves first. 

Hope you liked this post and found it helpful! let me know your thoughts? 
What positives have you found through living with chronic illness? 

Hope your having a good day, with little symptoms!

Take care 


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