Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Top 10 most inspiring movies

To start off I'd like to say making this list was really hard, I love so many movies and have always been so inspired by many but here it is, my Top ten most inspiring movies and if you haven't seem them already I recommend you watch them!

1. Mean Girls
This has to be one of my favourite movies its just a classic funny, girly and dramatic it just never gets old no matter how many times i watch it.
The biggest lesson mean girls taught me is that "on Wednesdays we wear pink" haha, no seriously it taught me to be kind and non judgemental and work hard, yes the movies funny because its just the right amount of bitchy and superficial, but at the end of the movie you see that Cady goes back to her old innocent self and everyone manages to get along despite their differences, and that's how high school and life should be. ''I wish we could all just get along like we did in middle school''

2. Legally Blonde
Another of my faves again its girly, witty, and motivating.
I find Elle's character as a whole very inspiring she goes to Law School and just proves everyone who ever doubted her wrong, sure she starts off going to law school for the wrong reasons but it turns out to be a success in the end.
She proves that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, she comes across as your stereotypical, rich ditsy blonde white girl, when in reality she has the smarts to go far.
Elle is a risk taker and go getter, and she is extremely kind to everyone and animals which i just love about her character.
I don't know about you but I feel like after watching legally blonde Elle inspired every girl to become a Lawyer and wear a full pink suit!

3. Clueless
An absolute classic the 90s were definitely the good old days, Cher seems like your average rich girl who only cares about fashion and popularity.
But throughout the movie she proves she is so much more, she is helpful, kind, smart and classy.
I love that she wants happiness for everyone and acts like a little matchmaker.
I also love that a strong female lead in a movie is saving her virginity for the right guy, you don't see that in a lot of teen movies or in real life and i think its very admirable and a cher is a great role model to young viewers.
And Cher also proves its okay to date your step-brother 'joking' no judgement though!

4. A Cinderella Story
I know there's a few versions of this but I'm talking about the classic Hilary Duff one, Don't you just love Hilary Duff? she's a total sweetheart, especially her character in A Cinderella Story, she's smart, kind, hard-working and no matter how difficult her life at home is she still manages to stay positive and keep up with all her duties.
She inspires you to just keep going no matter how tough it gets, she lost both her mother and father in the movie but she makes them proud.
I also love her fairy Godmother Rhonda she's amazing I need a Rhonda in my life!
And off topic but Chad Michael Murray is just Dreamy, am i right ladies?

5. Mary-Kate and Ashley 'New York Minute'
I'm huge fan of the twins, I grew up watching all their movies, reading their books, buying their clothes and everything else.
I love all their movies, but New York minute stood out to me as it probably has the most depth to
I love that they have goals and dreams they follow and do anything and everything to reach their goals.
Despite their strained relationship and differences their able to bond together in the end and become best friends.
It teaches you to be more understanding of your siblings or just others in general and support and love them for who they are.

6. Freaky Friday
I love Lindsay Lohan movies sorry I keep saying love a lot but i just love everything apparently, it may have something to do with the 2 glasses of merlot i just drank!
But Freaky Friday is just a classic again with the classic sorry, but it is, Its funny, Entertaining and well freaky.
The mother and daughter are like typical mother and daughter very different and struggling with their own problems, however when switching bodies they get a glimpse of what its like to be in each others shoes for a change which really opens their eyes to just how hard it is for one another.
Its a great concept because in the end they end up developing a much stronger relationship and are able to relate to one another.
This inspires you to want to have a better relationship with your own mother or just with others in general and to try and put yourself in each others shoes.

7. Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet
I've seen a couple of these versions I like them both but i do really like the newer version set in LA with Leonardo Dicaprio because well Leonardo!
I Love the story of Romeo & Juliet its not exactly a realistic representation of relationships god i wish it were! But it's romantic and a classic love story.
The movie is inspiring because it teaches you to do whatever for your lover no matter what, Romeo & Juliet were willing to die for one another and did because thats just how strong their love was, and i personally feel that that's what 'true love' is and should be! I'm sure many will disagree but i can't help being a hopeless romantic. "Romeo Romeo where for art thou Romeo"

8. The Devil wears Prada
As a Fashionista I obviously love this movie, Meryl Streep plays the best bitch and Anne Hathaway is truly relatable.
I love that Anne starts out seeing the Job as a pay check but then goes onto to actually become enwrathed in the world of fashion and ultimately sell her soul to the world of Jimmy Choo's and Chanel, its hard not too right?
But in the end she realises that work and fashion aren't the most important thing in life.
Anne's character is hardworking, smart, kind, open minded and even able to gain the respect of her stone faced, doubting editor in chief. Which as someone who's worked in the industry let me tell you its a hard thing to do!

9. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Another Lindsay Lohan movie you can't beat them!
In this movie she plays well a Drama Queen, which i actually really like about her character, she's extremely Determined, confident, talented, and creative yet compassionate.
She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her which is a great quality to have, she likes to spin the truth sometimes but its part of her story telling charm, and she always tells the truth in the end.
She manages to change the life of the character Steve wolf in the movie an alcoholic, and in the end is even kind to the bitchy girl who bullied her throughout, which shows a strong character.
'Lola' is definitely an inspiration.

10. Erin Brokervich
Erin played by Julia Roberts, finds herself in a tight spot, after a recent car accident which wasn't her fault is forced to pay some legal fees.
As an unemployed single parent desperate for work she begs her attorney to hire her at his firm as a legal assistant, in order to pay off her debts.
Whilst at work she discovers some medical records in a real estate file, erin is surprised by the reports and digs deeper into the case and finds that the Pacific Gas and Electric company is contaminating the groundwaters in the area with carcinogenic hexavalent chronium.
Erin takes the case into her own hands and ends up winning.
Erin is smart, compassionate, hardworking and sassy which is how she's able to pull of the whole thing.

Hope you liked this post, and check out some of these movies yourself if you haven't already! 
What are your fave movies? 

Have a great Day! 


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