Friday, 8 June 2018

My boyfriends parents don't like me! how to handle it?

How could they possibly not like me?
I was so polite, and kind and funny whats not to like about me?
You keep going over in your head what you could have possibly done wrong to make them dislike you, well the truth is people just don't like you sometimes!
It happens no matter how good of a person you are not everyones going to like you.

It is more common than you would think when it comes to your other half's 'rents'.
It's even more so common with mother's and their son's especially if they are an only child, thats their only son so they tend to be very protective.

One of the many reasons mothers tend to dislike their son's girlfriends is 'jealousy'
There's now a new lady in the centre of their son's life and she's young and hot and that's a bitter pill to swallow, when she was the only lady in his life up until now.

So what can you do? 

Well you can't make them like you but you can make them at least treat you cordially, so here are my tips having dealt with it myself and still having to deal with the 'monster in law' technically not my 'mother in law' but you know what i mean...

Be cordial 
I know its hard when someones literally ripping you apart or making snide comments constantly it's so hard to be around someone like that, in any other life situation we'd cut them loose, but since its your loves mother/parents, you can't exactly just cut a bitch.
So be the better person i know it will take a lot but don't give in to their childishness.
And i recommend a scotch or valium or something before seeing them lol it helps!

Try to avoid to much time around them 
Yes sometimes its necessary and you want to be supportive of your significant other, but spending too much time around toxic people will only may you unhappy and eventually crack and it's not going to be pretty.
So try your best to limit your exposure to their toxic rays.

Let them know how much you care for their son
It should be obvious how much you care already considering you put up with all their crap, but maybe you just have to come out and tell them, or show them by talking about their son, or asking questions about how he was as a child, this will let them know your interested in his life.

Set the record straight
If all else fails and they still won't accept you in their son's life let them know you won't take their insults anymore, let them know they don't have to love you, but they should at least be respectful towards you!
Don't let anyone treat you badly no matter who they are!

Avoid talking badly of them around your boyfriend
I know its hard when someones so awful towards you, you can't help but want to vent to someone about them.
But it's best not to give your honest opinion of them to your significant other, as it will only cause tension on the relationship, trust me i've been there, i just find it hard keeping my opinions to myself but you gotta swallow your pride sometimes.
Its best to vent about them to your girlfriends, or on your blog or diary.

Maybe it's not meant to be
Sometimes no matter how much you love someone, your just not meant to be with them, you have to think about your future, do you really want to marry into a family who hates you? or even worse not have your boyfriend defend you when his parents are being rude towards you?
You have ask yourself ''is this love really worth it?''

Hope you liked this post and found it helpful!
Let me know you thoughts?
Have you had to deal with toxic parents in laws?
What are your ways to cope?

Have a great Day! 


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