Sunday, 13 May 2018

Easy watermelon cake recipe

Since it was my birthday last month i decided to try giving a watermelon cake ago, i'd seen one on instagram and being health conscious and vegan i thought it would be perfect. 
Not only is the recipe healthy its refreshing and delicious and even indulgent. 
Its very light in calories depending on how you top it so you can go ahead and eat as many pieces as you'd like!


1 mini (round shaped watermelon
A thick coconut yogurt for topping
(i used one from the brand 'Coyo' in vanilla flavour)
Coconut chips 
Strawberries (halved)


1. start by chopping the ends off your watermelon, so your left with the centre which should resemble a cake like shape. 

Next remove the peel by using a sharp knife and cutting around the edges as neatly as you can, so you have a nice round shape. 

2. Once you have your base its all pretty straight forward from here place onto a plate and get topping. 
Feel free to get creative with the toppings you could use a nut butter, make your own cashew cream frosting, top with fruits, nuts even sweets or chocolate. 
And if you want to get real fancy you could make it a sandwich cake or even a layered cake by using extra watermelons. 

Hope you liked this recipe and try it for yourself it makes for a great treat for the health conscious or to wow friends at parties. 

Let me know your thoughts? 

Have a great day! 


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