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Paula's Choice Skincare Review

Paula's choice skincare has to be without a doubt the best skincare brand I have come across, this brand literally saved my skin so i thought i would share how awesome it is with you.
I'm very interested in skincare and its something i research a lot into before purchasing, after finding Paulas choice I have since learn't so much more about skincare and the kind of ingredients you should avoid putting on your skin, even natural ingredients, which happen to be in many skincare brands.

My Journey to finding Paula's choice

I'd never had any problems with my skin before even as a teen i never got breakouts and was always very lucky with my skin.
I've always been a healthy eater, and loved using high quality products such a clinique, which i think helped, but i think most of my good skin was down to genetics.

However unfortunately for me since starting the use of the 'mirena IUD' last year i began suffering with very problematic skin, from huge pimples to very dry skin and blackheads.
Usually i would have just said "forget this" and took the mirena out!
However if you follow my blog then you will know i suffer from a chronic hormonal condition 'Endometriosis'.
 I had surgery for Endometriosis last year and as many of you ladies with Endo will know they put you straight onto hormone treatments to help the endometriosis.
I've never liked the idea of taking pills or having a foreign object in my body but since i have Endo i didn't really have much choice.

For the first six months of the mirena my skin was freaking out and i knew i had to do something about it because it was really getting me down.
So i searched everywhere about treatment for hormonal breakouts and couldn't really find much information that wasn't telling me to use another drug, until i came across Paulas Choice.
There was tonnes of information about treating breakouts and problematic skin and the products had such great reviews.
They also offered a 30 day money back guarantee if the products didn't work so i thought what have i got to lose?

The products are quite expensive, however it was no more than i was paying for clinique products
and the brand is cruelty free so i'd been looking for a good quality cruelty free brand for a while.
I started with basics a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, i decided to go with the Earth sourced range as it was the best value, suitable for all skin types even rosacea prone skin, and is made from 99% natural ingredients.

Within a week of using Paulas choice i could already see changes in my skin it felt soothed soft and the dry patches were all gone.
No longer did my skin feel greasy or tight like it had done previously.
Within a month i had no breakouts, no dry patches or redness and my skin was clear again.
I still suffer with the occasional breakouts around that time of the month but nothing like it was before.

The cleanser
The cleaner is a light clear liquid cleanser that cleans the skin and removes dead skin cells without being overly abrasive, its refreshing and isn't highly scented like some cleansers.
I wouldn't say it fully removes makeup but i've always used a makeup wipe before cleansing in order to fully remove everything.

The Toner
The toner is a milky liquid that is extremely soothing and calming, its definitely different than i'm used to but i love it, i think my skin was crying out for something nourishing.
I like to keep it in the fridge so its extra cool when i apply it, its also helps to remove any extra traces of makeup.

The moisturiser
Is a lightweight white in colour lotion perfect for day time use, its not too greasy however it still soothes dry skin and doesn't clog any oily parts, its an antioxidant rich formula that is
perfect for use under makeup.

Overall I really love this brand and have since purchased more products from Paula's choice and continue to use the same cleansing range.
I highly recommend this brand to anyone suffering with problematic skin it has many formulas designed for different skin types.
Although the skincare may seem pricey it does last a very long time the cleanser, toner, and moisturiser last me 6months with twice daily use, so i only have to purchase it twice a year so its not to expensive in the long run. Quality over quantity right!

Hope you liked this review, let me know your thoughts?
Have you tried this brand, what do you think?


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