Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Vegan egg recipe

Yes you saw that right a Vegan egg recipe, sounds a little strange but its pretty great.
I came up with this recipe as I'm trying to incorporate more protein into my diet, (gotta get those gains), so i wanted to make something similar to an egg that has lots of protein and is much healthier, its a perfect alternative for vegans and non vegans a like, whether your trying to cut back on dairy products or just want a change this is the recipe for you.
It's just as high in protein as an egg if not more, lower in fat and cholesterol free unlike a typical egg.
Ofcourse its also delicious which is all that counts really goes great on toast, a sandwich or to serve alongside a cooked breakfast hope you like it!

Does it taste like an egg?
Its been years since i had an egg so i'm not too sure however it does look like an egg and has a similar consistency its made from tofu so if you've ever had a tofu scramble then its quite similar to that.


Monday, 19 March 2018

The importance of rest when you have chronic illness

Lets face it we all like to be busy and productive, most of us have jobs and goals and things we want or even need to work on.
But when you struggle with chronic illness it can be very difficult to be productive all the time.

The other day i felt absolutely terrible physically, if you don't know i suffer with endometriosis, and ME/CFS, i was in so much pain, i was extremely fatigued, i felt dizzy and lighheaded, my throat was sore and i had a headache, and this type of thing is a regular occurrence for me.
But that day i had so much to do and so much i wanted to do i have many passions that i want to pursue one of them being my blog, and that day my brain was so foggy i couldn't even communicate properly or think properly let alone be alble to actually write a blog post.

Monday, 12 March 2018

The importance of a healthy lifestyle with endometriosis

I've always been into a healthy lifestyle, I've never been one to eat junk food or sweets, but I did have my vices I was addicted to coffee and liked the occasional glass of wine or should I say daily glass of wine. 
Sure that doesn't sound too bad but on top of that I've always had an unhealthy relationship with food struggling with eating disorders for the majority of my life I was constantly restricting or feeling guilty about eating, under eating in itself can be just as bad as overeating. 

It wasn't until I was diagnosed with endometriosis that I become serious about my health I switched my vegetarian diet to a vegan & gluten free one and I got help for my eating disorder and started to actually nourish my body and eat enough food. 
I cut back on the caffeine because it's to too hard for me to cut out completely due to my chronic fatigue, and I completely cut out any alcohol apart from the occasional drink because it really has no benefits. 

When you live with endometriosis or any chronic illness it's extremely important to change your diet and lifestyle in general, having an illness is a wake up call that something is wrong whether you have a bad diet, a stressful lifestyle or your holding on to emotional baggage it's time to take care of it. 
You can't expect to feel any better if you keep on doing the same things. 

I know it feels unfair because you see others going about their life eating crap, smoking, drinking never exercising and thinking '"why are they perfectly fine and I'm sick?" 
You almost feel why should I have to change my lifestyle just because of this illness? 
Well the answer is for you! You can't cure your illness but you can take care of your body and make your illness more manageable and feel somewhat better, so if you have to make some major changes to get some sort of relief why wouldn't you do it? 

I was still in the mindset of not wanting to change my lifestyle for sometime I thought why me? I've never smoked not a big drinker I eat vegan & gluten free for christ's sake why should I be sick? 
What more can I really do? 
Well there was things I could do I could cut out the excessive amount of coffee and I could stop drinking wine whenever I felt sad or depressed because that wasn't going to change anything even if I felt better for a couple of hours after that it would be back to reality. 
Why would you want to poison in your body just for a moment of emotional relief? 
It was only hurting me in the long run because afterwards I would feel depressed and guilty that I drank too much wine and probably ate a bit too much after that.

I thought I would share with you some of the things that have helped me in my endometriosis journey and the types of food and drink to avoid and which ones to include regularly. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018

How to Cope with Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

If you suffer with an Anxiety Disorder and Panic attacks , then you will know just how awful these can be, And that they can really interfere with your everyday life.

For me I have suffered with Anxiety and Panic attacks all my life, due to the Trauma and abuse I faced as a child, However I didn't actually realize what it was until I was about 19.

I had seen a video that someone had made on Youtube, about their Anxiety disorder, and everything they said was exactly the same feelings I was having.
From then on I decided to research further into the disorder and how i could cure my Anxiety and Panic attacks, however for those of you who suffer with this you will know that it really isn't that simple, and can take a long time, and really changing the way you think.

At around this same time, my anxiety was at the worst point it had ever been, and i couldn't even leave the house, even for something as simple as going to the shop, it made me panic like crazy.
I was at university at the time and I had stopped going in because i was just so afraid of having a panic attack on the way there, or in class in front of everyone.
So I knew that I really needed to do something about this and get it under control.

Below are the steps I took in order to manage my Anxiety and panic attacks and a few things I have learn't over the years, to help me cope with them.


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