Monday, 12 February 2018


Just like any other chronic illness or disability living with endometriosis is hard really f***ing hard. 
Every days a struggle to even get out of bed due to the severe fatigue and pain this illness causes. 
Your whole life revolves around your illness because it prevents you from doing so many things, even simple things like walking, self care and cleaning. 

I feel like it takes your whole life away from you your career, your friends, your partner, your ambitions and your ability to just be yourself. 
It gets so hard sometimes it can even make you question your existence. 

When the severe pain of endometriosis kicks in i feel like an entirely different person, I'm no longer my positive upbeat self, I'm a stranger with no life left in me. 
Endometriosis has an array of awful symptoms, besides the excrutiating pelvic and abdominal pain, there's pain in other areas of the body like the back and the legs, chronic fatigue, ibs, painful bowel movements, chronic bloating, excessive urination, painful intercourse, infertility and not to mention the emotional side of it depression, anxiety, pms, and the constant feeling of inadequacy. 

It destroys your relationships
Not just the intimate ones due to the painful sex, partners don't understand how sex can be painful when it feels so good for everyone else, and they take it personally. 
Keeping friendships can also be hard people feel hurt that you have to cancel plans or your unable to attend an important event because your too sick. 

It's so hard for others to understand what you go through on a daily basis because they don't see it, it's invisible after all they can't imagine been sick or in pain everyday. 
So all they do is judge.

And the sad truth is its never going away, Endometriosis has no cure, so despite the countless surgeries, hormonal treatments, pain killers, lifestyle changes, herbal treatments and all the other gimmicks your stuck with it for life until hopefully one day we will find a cure, i like to be hopeful but in this world a cure for anything is steep, and women's diseases certainly don't get first place!

Living with any illness is hard so don't discount those that you can't see, "don't judge because you never know what someone else is going through just by looking at them". 
If you have someone in your life with endometriosis or any other chronic illness be patient and understanding with them. 

Shout out to all my endosisters your awesome! 
Always here if you need to talk to someone who understands! 

Hope your having a good day! 


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