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Bare minerals review

One of the reasons that i was drawn to bare minerals was a few months ago i was really struggling with my skin and hormonal breakouts caused by the mirena IUD. 
I changed up my skincare routine during this time however i also wanted to change up my makeup as most of it wasn't skin friendly and was only exacerbating my skin issues. 
I decided to look into 'Bare minerals' as they claim to be natural and designed for sensitive and breakout prone skin. 
I ended up purchasing the 'Get started complexion kit' and the 'bareSkin pure brightening serum foundation'.

Get started complexion kit

The kit includes:

Prime Time Foundation Primer, size 15ml
ORIGINAL SPF 15 Foundation in Light, size 2g
MATTE SPF 15 Foundation in Light, size 1.5g
Warmth All-Over Face Color, size 0.57g
Mineral Veil® Finishing Powder, size 0.75g
Flawless Application Face Brush
Keep-sake Makeup Clutch

The foundations are bare minerals original loose powder mineral foundations which contain only 5 ingredients, so are designed to be less harsh on the skin.

Original SPF 15 Foundation in light

The application is very difficult being that its in a powder form, as someone who's only ever used liquid foundation, this was quite hard to get used to, and i did find it quite difficult to blend into the skin, even more so on the dry parts of my face.

Although it claims to be a natural coverage it is rather matte being mineral powder so it did look like i was wearing makeup.
It is long lasting however it does tend to get dry throughout the day and cling to any dry patches you may have so i wouldn't recommend for dry or combination skin.
It is better suited to oily skin however touch up will probably be required.

The colour was in 'light' and was perfect for my very pale skin tone.

One thing i love about the packaging on all of the powdered products is that your able to close them on the inside to prevent powder spilling everywhere!

Matte SPF 15 foundation

I won't go into too much detail on this one as its pretty much the same formula as the original foundation just in a matte version, so is better suited for oilier skin or those who want a full coverage.

Prime Time foundation primer

The application was very easy like with most primers it was smooth silky and easy to blend and also moisturising at the same time.
I find with a lot of primers they tend to be too matte however this one was the perfect in between.
It really helps to blur out any imperfections and pores and definitely provides a great base for foundation which helped my foundation last longer.

Warmth all over face

This is like a bronzer only in mineral powder form, its a matte formula and easy to use, its quite dark so is perfect for contouring, and a little bit goes a long way with this one.

Mineral veil finishing powder

This was probably my favourite product in the kit, its the perfect light setting powder which gives a natural look and finish.
Its also great on those days when you don't want to wear any makeup but need a little blur, it feels comfortable and like your not wearing makeup at all.

Overall i think the kit is great to get started and try out some of bare minerals and see what you like and don't like.
Its the perfect size and you definitely get enough product to last a few months, it also comes with a brush and a case which is an added bonus.

Price: At £35 i think its pretty reasonable considering how much you get.

bareSkin Pure brightening serum foundation

Designed to feel weightless and look flawless, bareSkin is a powerful mineral foundation and skin brightening serum in one that is packed with natural ingredients. Enjoy the brightening power of vitamin C and the antioxidant protection, which help defend against environmental stressors. All of this goodness is just part of a liquid foundation that provides customisable coverage by the drop with a natural finish.

The formula is a liquid foundation however since it contains serum it is thinner and more liquid'y than your traditional liquid foundation.
Its extremely smooth light and easy to blend, i find it best applied with a beauty blender.

It is a lovely light weight formula that gives a healthy glow and satin finish.
It looks very natural and can easily be built up for desired coverage.
I find it doesn't last as long as some foundations since it is so light, but setting with powder helps for a longer wear, it feels comfortable and lightweight like your not wearing makeup.

I got this in the shade 'Bare porcelain' which i think is the lightest shade and has yellow undertones, it was perfectly suited to my pale skin.

It comes in an opaque plastic bottle which is good to help protect the ingredients from sunlight and oxidising, it has a thin nozzle like you'd get on a moisturiser, but isn't squeezable, so you have to be careful not to tip too much out.

It is £28 for a 30ml bottle, so pretty standard for higher end foundations, i think the price is reasonable as it does last for months!

Overall I really like this foundation it looks natural and healthy, it contains skin benefitting ingredients which is a bonus, and contains an SPF 20, which an spf is a must for me when purchasing a foundation.
I think it is however better suited to dryer skin, or even older skin since it is so light it will not settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

Hope you liked this review? let me know your thoughts?
Are you a bare minerals fan?

Have a great day! 


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