Thursday, 4 January 2018

My 2018 goals

Hi there! Hope you all had an amazing festive season and are having a good start to the New year!
I'm not going to lie last year was a pretty awful year for me, and the start of this year has been a struggle. 
There's lots of things I'm unable to control in my life, but I do know there are things I'm able to work on aswell. 
So I thought I'd share with you some of my goals for 2018 hopefully you may get some ideas from them yourself.

1. Be kinder to myself 
I've struggled with this my whole life growing up in an abusive environment and being told you were worthless everyday really does put a toll on your self esteem. 
Now living with anxiety and depression and chronic illness it's even harder to be kind to myself, because anxiety and depression really tries to bring you down. 
So I'm really going to make a conscious effort to replace my negative self talk with positivity and kindness. 
It's so strange how we can be so nice to others but treat ourselves so badly. 
And it's just not good for you or anyone else. 

2. Stop trying to be perfect 
I've always been a perfectionist and I think that's part of the reason I struggle so much to be kind to myself. 
If I don't do something great then I beat myself up about it, but the fact is I tried and that's better than not trying at all. 
Trying to be perfect in every aspect of your life will never work and will always lead to disappointment, so I'm just going to try to be the best version of myself even if that means I'm not good at everything. 
It's really easier said than done, but i really have to try! 

3. Blog goals 
I can't believe it will be almost a year in April since I've been blogging on here. 
I did have quite a few blogs before this one but Ofcourse being the perfectionist I am I always deleted them! 
I know my blogs not exactly one of the best blogs out there but I have worked really hard on it this past year despite being so ill. 
I am pleased with nearly all my content I would definitely like to change a few things with regards to layout when I have saved some money and have a little more time. 
I also want to try and be more consistent with posts, however at the same time I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. 
Because last year I did get very stressed about having something up each week even if it meant it compromised my health.
I suffer with chronic illness and pain so it can be taxing some times. 
Overall having my blog has kind of saved me really and given me some purpose in my life. 
When you spend the majority of your time sick and feeling awful about your life having an escape and something I enjoy to do has really made suffering with ill health easier. 
So just keeping up with my blog and enjoying it is what i want to keep doing! 

4. Focus less on my physical appearance 
In the society we live in today of flawless celebrities and Instagram models it's hard not to feel bad about your body and want to make physical changes, but when it comes a point where your whole life revolves around how you look and your scared to even leave the house because you don't look like these 'perfect people' something needs to change. 
I have always struggled with my appearance and suffered with eating disorders, but it's come to a point where I'm just so sick of basing my self worth on how I look and what others think of me. 
It's good to want to take care of your body and look your best but striving for perfection is extremely unhealthy. 
There are things I want to change about my body and I do have fitness goals especially being that I am studying to be a Pilates instructor and nutritionist, so would like a career in the health & fitness industry which does focus so much on appearance. 
But when it's making you unhappy I don't think it's worth it health and fitness isn't about a certain look or number on the scale it's about balance and mental and physical well being, comes before appearance. 

5. Focus less on myself 
This may sound contradicting considering the above goals but what I mean by this is to focus more on other things in life like hobbies, relationships, career and helping others. 
I think focusing on your self too much can be really bad for your mental health sometimes it's nice to just to step outside your own head for a while and concentrate on doing something for someone else, whether that be helping a friend, taking care of a pet, volunteering whatever it is just something to take you away from your own problems. 

6. Advocate for myself more 
I'm a very shy non-confrontational person and sometimes this leads to me being taken advantage of, not listened to and stuck doing something i don't want to be. 
Struggling with chronic illness, this is the year I need to stand up for myself more at doctors appointments and let them know exactly how I feel and what I want even if it does make me come off as a bitch, because I am sick and tired of basically being sick and tired and having to put my life on hold due to illness.
I have lost a lot of my youth and myself through illness and I'm not willing to stand for being neglected anymore! 
Part of last and the start of this year being so tough is because of my illness I was sad to go into the new year because I thought great another year of me being sick having no life, no money, and no career and at 25 my life shouldn't be this way and something needs to be done about it and I know my illness can't be cured but surely my doctor can help take away some of my pain and suffering so I'm able to at least function somewhat normally. 

7. Read more 
I definitely want to try and make the time to read more this year I have a few books I really want to get through. 
And just never get the chance and sometimes find myself doing things that aren't really necessary when I could be spending that time doing something good for myself. 

8. Be more relaxed 
I guess overall I just want to be more relaxed and content with myself and my life, be relaxed with my appearance, relaxed with food, relaxed with what I can do just focus on not taking myself and life so seriously. 

9. Spend less 
I have very little income so it's not as though I spend large sums of money, I do however spend out of my means sometimes, being a shopaholic and lover of fashion and beauty it's hard to not want to keep up with the trends, but at the end of the day are things really that important? We don't need ridiculous amounts of clothes or beauty products in order to survive in the end were really just been ripped off by society, so I want to try and become less of a consumer and live within my means. 
If that means I have to re wear outfits or go without my favourite moisturiser then so be it it's better than being in debt! 
The main thing I spend a lot of money on is high quality organic food because food is obviously very important and especially being a health nut and suffering with chronic illness I know my body needs it! 
But I do think I could cut down a little on my grocery shop opting for less raw foods and more rice & beans cheap vegan staples! 
It's better than nothing at all! 
I would also like to save although I don't have much to save with even a small amount adds up so I can save for a rainy day or even a holiday. 

10. Stop giving a F**K!
I don't mean this in a negative way i'm not going to become a bitch or anything.
I'm a person who finds it very hard to switch off from life, and i feel my emotions very intensely and care way too much about things i shouldn't and what people think of me.
I am a very anxious person who is stressed by everything even things that aren't supposed to be stressful, so I want to try and manage this more with positive thinking, therapy and meditation, i know this will be very hard for me but but i don't want to continue living my life in constant worry. 

Hope you liked this post! 
Let me know your thoughts? 
What are your goals for 2018? 

Hope this year brings you lots of happiness! 
Have a great day! 


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  1. These are great achievable goals and I wish you luck with them. I haven't set any this year as I usually end up breaking them! I think it's because they're not "smart" goals, I'm focusing more on my mental health this year.


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