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How to get over the holiday binge?

Hi there,
Hope you all had a great christmas/holiday season! wishing you a happy New Year!
I'm sure many of you can relate to overdoing it a little during the festive season, it's hard not to do so with so much delicious food and drinks at your fingertips. 
It can be a very difficult to not want to go crazy and eat everything in sight. 
As someone who has previously struggled with binging I thought I would share with you some of my tips on how to get over the christmas overload and just binging in general. 

Forgive yourself 
So you overdid it a little too much over christmas maybe you had one full day of stuffing your face with Turkey and mince pies and raiding the chocolate box, or maybe you spent the whole month overdoing it. 
Its hard not to feel guilty, but there's really nothing to feel guilty about the festive season can be extremely stressful and were all overworking and under sleeping, so naturally your body is crying out for energy, really your body just needs the extra calories, sure they may not have been in the best form but it's okay to treat yourself! 
It's one day or one month where you can go a lil crazy and there's nothing wrong with that! 
Life is short enjoy yourself a little! 
Your not gonna gain weight overnight and maybe not even in a month, and even if you have it's temporary and you can always get rid of those extra pounds if it bothers you.

Don't punish yourself 
I know it's tempting to want to starve yourself the next day or run on the treadmill for hours, but you shouldn't feel like you've done something wrong. 
Starving yourself or overworking your body is just going to make you want to binge again and it will just become a never ending cycle, you don't want to get stuck in. 
Treat yourself how you would treat a friend or child, if a friend told you they felt bad and ate too much how would you react? you wouldn't tell them their bad or punish them and call names, so talk to yourself how you would to them.

Skip the fad diets 
I know January's the month where everyone's trying out a new weight loss fad, and hitting the gym, but trust me fad diets don't work! 
You may get temporary weight loss but you will just pile it back on when you start eating normally again. 
Fad diets don't teach you on how to actually eat healthily so you will always be stuck in a yoyo cycle. 
They also cause your body to go into starvation mode due to calorie deficit which will in turn make your metabolism slower so you will always have trouble keeping weight off. 
If I can recommend one 'diet' for January although I wouldn't exactly call it a diet more of a lifestyle/challenge it's 'veganuary' vegan for January. 
A plant based diet is the best possible thing you can do for your body it will rid you of toxins, help your skin, and most likely weight loss! 
And when I say vegan this doesn't just mean eating lettuce and tomatoes you can eat a huge variety of foods just keep it clean not processed. 
I have lots of delicious healthy vegan recipes up on my blog under 'food', I will also be putting up some more soon. 
The best way to lose weight is to have a balanced healthy diet, with regular exercise and remember when I say balanced I mean it's okay to treat yourself to a chocolate bar or a treat here and there or even daily, just don't overdo it it's all about 'balance'. 

Don't over exercise
Many people try to overcompensate by overdoing it on the exercise front, and spending hours in the gym, its not necessary to spend hours working out 30minutes to 1 hour a day is sufficient enough.
Over exercising will only lead to burnout or even injury, which will just set back your progress even more.
Not only that but punishing yourself with exercise will only make you hate exercise, so you'll eventually quit, the secret is to find a form of exercise you actually enjoy, whether that be running, swimming, dancing, walking, pilates whatever, you should look forward to your workout and feel good afterwards. 

Try a cleanse
Although i don't fully recommend cleanses, they can be beneficial to some, if your someone who has a healthy relationship towards food, then they may be suitable for you, i don't recommend crazy fasting cleanses things like fresh juice, smoothie and soup cleanses are great, or a fruit cleanse, and these foods can be eaten in large quantities due to being so low in calories. 

Keep a balance 
The key to health and weight loss is all about balance, eating healthily, exercising regularly, treating yourself, and keeping a healthy mind not just body.

Hope you liked this post and found it helpful!
Let me know your thoughts? 

Wishing you all a happy new year! 


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