Wednesday, 13 December 2017

My Favourite Christmas movies

I absolutely love christmas its my favourite time of year, i like to think of myself as an elf
(i know i'm a dork), One of my most favourite thing about christmas is christmas movies, because its nice to live life vicariously through the screen every now and then.
So today I thought i'd share with you some of my fave xmas movies and if you haven't seen any of them you should check them out!

1. The Grinch
I just love this movie the visuals are amazing, the story line is sweet and funny, and it just makes me want to live in whoville gosh i wish it was a real place, i'd be there in a flash!

2. ELF
This movie is just hilarious i must have seen it over 50 times but i still laugh every time, the storyline is also very cute.

3. Miracle on 34th street
This one is a classic, its set in New York city, so you already have me at that, its heartwarming, traditional and makes you believe that miracles can happen to some extent!

4. A christmas wish
Is a Hallmark movie starring Lacey Chabert, I absolutely love Hallmark movies there just so perfect, and make you feel so inspired and motivated. I also love lacey chabert she stars in a lot of hallmark movies and all the ones with her in are lovely she just has the perfect innocent type character.
Which is very different from her mean girls role.
(I'm pretty sure this ones on Netflix)

A few of the Lacey Chabert hallmark christmas movies I recommend
- A Royal Christmas (also on Netflix)
- The sweetest Christmas

5. Snowglobe
This one is all about a girl (Christina Millian) trying to escape her mundane life and find mr right, she somehow finds herself in the magical world of a snow globe.

6. Christmas Cupid
Also starring Christina millian and Ashley Benson, and not to forget Chad Michael Murray its funny, modern, a little more teen/adult oriented and has a sweet happy ending!

7. Christmas at Cartwrights
Another Hallmark movie starring Alicia Witt, again i think she's great in xmas movies, this one is about a single mother desperate for a job she finds herself working in a department store as a female santa, mixed in with a guardian angel and romance its a recipe for christmas.

A few other Hallmark faves starring Alicia Witt
- A very merry mix up
- Christmas list
- I'm not ready for christmas

8. Jingle all the way
This one although i guess more child like is still very heartwarming the lengths that Jamie's father Arnold schwarzenegger will go to to get his sons must have christmas gift of a turbo man doll is beyond adorable.

9. Deck the halls
I just watched this the other day actually, its very funny and sweet, starring Danny DeVito.

10. National Lampoons christmas vacation
This one is again a classic its absolutely hilarious much more adult humour.

Honestly this list was so hard to come up with because I love so many christmas movies, and have probably forgotten lots!

Let me know your fave christmas movies?




  1. I love all of these movies, so cute! I could never pick just one favorite.
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    xoxo Falasha
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    1. same there's so many great ones! would love too but i don't have Facebook at the mo will have to set one up. Thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. My top 3 would have to match yours! I also LOVE A MUppet's Christmas Carol

    Steph -

    1. Yes there the best! thats pretty good too, merry christmas! xo


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