Friday, 15 December 2017

Lime Crime liquid lipsticks Review

I recently had a makeup sort out and found a lot of old boring lipsticks that I never use, which I threw away, however I was only left with 3 of my favourites, so I decided to treat myself to some new lipsticks.
I have never actually tried liquid lipstick before, I know I am so late to the trend!
My lips tend to get dry and chapped I'm that girl thats applying vaseline all day, so I wasn't sure if they would work for me.

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere, so naturally I wanted to give them ago, after much research I decided to go with Lime crime, not just because of the cute packaging although I am not gonna lie that did play a part, but also because they are cruelty free and offer a range of colours.

I got the Velvitines true love collection, The collection comes with 3 colours all of which are my fave lipstick colours, Pinks, reds, and burgundies, I find these tend to suit my pale skin tone.
The colours are in saint, cupid, and true love.

I absolutely love the texture they are easy to apply non-drying and last all day! they are very matte, however you can top with clear lipgloss, if you prefer a more glossy look and more hydration.
I do however recommend that before applying any matte lipstick that you do a lip scrub, possibly a lip mask and apply lip balm, before applying the lipstick, because if your lips are not super smooth they will cling to any dry patches you didn't know were there.
The colour collection is prefect for all year round use, especially the holiday and valentines season, they would make a great christmas gift for any makeup obsessed girls in your life.

Hope you liked this lil review 
Let me know what you think? 
have you tried the lime crime liquid lipsticks?

Have a wonderful Day! 



  1. These are so cute! I've seen them around, but I never wanted to purchase them because I didn't know about the texture and finish. Great review!


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