Friday, 29 December 2017

Best creams for very dry skin

Now that were well into the colder months, i don't know about you but my skin tends to get quite dry, with the cold weather, winds and central heating your skin needs a little extra tlc, so here are some of the creams i have found to be the best for dry to very dry skin...

La roche posay CICAPLAST BAUME B5 
I absolutely love the 'La roche Posay' brand, they have extremely high quality products at an affordable price, which you just can't beat.
This one is a soothing repair balm, which is suitable for very dry, sensitive, eczema and rosacea prone skin, it is also suitable for chapped lips.
The texture is quite thick but not quite a cream, its easy to blend however is better suited to a night cream, or at least left to dry before applying makeup.
It has natural antibacterial properties, and is non comedogenic so will not clog pores.
I first tried this brand a few years ago during the winter season my facial skin became very dry, chapped and sore with flaky patches.
I found this online and after a couple of uses my skin was back to normal, I always have this on hand whenever my skin gets super dry or irritated.

Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion
I've been a big fan of clinique products for years and always used their 3 step skin care range which includes the 'dramatically different moisturiser'.
The moisturiser is the perfect daily moisturiser, its lightweight, and perfect for use under makeup, it does however come in a range suited to different skin types, from oily, combination to dry and very dry. The one for very dry skin usually see's me through the winter.

CeraVe moisturising cream 
This one is a cream formula so its quite thick which makes it great for very dry skin, I bought this online as they do not currently stock CeraVe in the uk.
It came in a very large tub almost 500g and was only around £10 so an absolute bargain.
It contains ceramides and hylauronc acid which maintains the skins protective barrier.
Its perfect for use allover the body and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.
This one is definitely a budget buy!

Clinique Moisture surge  extended thirst relief
Again another one from clinique, this is probably my favourite clinique moisturiser its extremely light and refreshing its like applying water to the skin.
It sinks into the skin instantly and i find it especially great for use on long flights.
Its suitable for all skin types i use this when my skin is oily or dry and it works either way, it also acts as a great makeup base.

La roche posay Cicaplast Pro recovery 
And lastly another one from 'la roche posay' i told you i love this brand!, its quite similar to the Baume B5 in what its suitable for, however the texture is completely different, this is sort of a clear gel like texture, so feels less greasy, It designed to use post chemical peels, however i just find it especially great for very dry and irritated skin as well as lips.
Again its non comedegenic so will not block pores.

Hope you liked this post and found it helpful! 
Let me know your thoughts? whats your fave creams for dry skin?

Have a Great Day!


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