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My Endometriosis story

I've been wanting to share my story with Endometriosis for a while now, but have only just built up the courage to actually write it.
Endometriosis is a severely painful and debilitating illness that more awareness needs to be made of  so hopefully I can do some of that. 
In case your unfamiliar with endometriosis check out my post here where I explain more in detail.

I lie in my bed as I write this, it's a Sunday and I am coming onto my period, I am in severe pain that feels like someone's stabbing me in my uterus, I have my heating pad strapped to my adbdonen, trying to relieve the pain. 
I feel completely sick to my stomach and have been vomiting for most of the day due to the excrutiating pain. 
I've felt this way for 2 weeks straight already yet my period still hasn't begun.

Let's start way back
As a child I was abused severely both physically and emotionally, I lived in fear constantly as a child and it reaped havoc on my body. 
I suffered with pain since I was around 8 years old, I battled anxiety, depression and an eating disorder my whole life, and it is still something I still struggle with today. 
I am not writing this for sympathy but to let you know that I am living proof that being abused and suffering with mental stress can cause many physical problems in your body. 
There have been many studies done that show victims of abuse are more likely to suffer with chronic illness and mental illness and quite commonly endometriosis. 
I feel very strongly that the abuse I suffered as a child directly impacted my physical health and mental health and my GP agrees. 

I had my first period at the age of 14 
However it didn't come back until I was 20! 
This may sound strange but as I said I suffered with an eating disorder both anorexia and bulimia throughout my whole childhood so I was too underweight to actually have consistent periods. 

I started having regular periods at the age of 20 my first period was fine lasted 3 days light bleeding, felt a little tired but nothing I couldn't handle I thought to myself whats all the fuss about? 

I'd really set myself up there because the following months of periods became increasingly worse I was bleeding very heavily for 7-14 days, I had to change my pad every 30mins bearing in mind I would be wearing 2 maxi pads so I looked like I had a nappy on! 
I would bleed through all of my clothes, sometimes out in public, I'd find I would get up off my seat at university and I had left a pool of blood on my seat. 

I would wake up in the morning to find myself and my bed sheets drenched in blood it would look like a crime scene not exaggerating! 
I had to throw so many duvets and Pajamas away because the blood stains just wouldn't wash out! 

And the pain..
The pain Was excrutiating I would cry out hysterically because it felt like I was being stabbed, I would vomit every period and would even pass out due to severe pain. 
And this was all while taking co-codamol!

I thought to myself this can't be normal and would research on google and all the info that came up was a hot water bottle and paracetamol. 

Eventually I saw my GP, I also saw countless doctors only to be prescribed birth control pills and pain killers all which didn't help or even made things worse. 

Eventually it got to a point where I was in severe pain daily I was bed bound most days, and eventually had to quit my job.
Simply because I couldn't function It was debilitating. 
I went from being a very active hardworking girl someone who got up at 6am worked out hard, went to uni and worked full time, and barely slept granted this wasn't healthy but I was always a go getter workaholic. 
To now being a very sick girl who couldn't even get out of bed and could barely form a sentence. 

This couldn't be normal 
Again I saw countless doctors only to be prescribed more crap or told it was mental. 
About 2 years later when moving house to a new area I registered at my local GP and was finally taken seriously by one doctor a gynaecologist. 
I told her all my symptoms and she immediately said it sounds like 'Endometriosis' and sent me for a scan. 

I'd never even heard of endometriosis so I took to google to find out some info, everything I read sounded exactly like what I was experiencing. 
I was glad to know it was a real thing and that I want crazy, but I was devasted about this being what i had, because endometriosis is a chronic illness and there is no cure. I didn't want to have something like that I just wanted to get better. 
I read tonnes of stories from women suffering with endo and it was so heart breaking to hear their stories and just how much it had affected their life. 
For some women they were disabled forever, for others they lived in poverty due this illness and even became homeless, for others their husbands and partners didn't understand and had left them. 
And many lost friendships and even family members. 
And not to mention the daily stigma they faced from disbelievers. 

After my scan I eventually got sent for a laparoscopy a surgical procedure which is the only way to diagnose endometriosis. 
I was terrified I never thought I'd be having surgery so early in my life if ever and being an anxiety sufferer I even thought I was going to die. 
But I did it anyway! 
And Ofcourse as I'd thought I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis, they removed the patches of endometriosis they could, but like I said there is no cure for endometriosis and in the majority of cases it will grow back which mine already has :( 

The next point of call after being diagnosed with endo is to put you on hormonal treatments which suck! 
I was fitted with a mirena coil which I really don't like but I didn't really have a choice in the matter. 
I am currently still suffering with endo today still in severe pain daily, along with chronic fatigue. 
I have tried many treatments supplements and natural alternatives to help with my endo but nothing seems to help much really. 

This illness does really change your life and take so much away from you. 
But it does give you the benefit of being a more compassionate person, I am being able to help others and raise awareness. 

I know this probably wasn't the most enjoyable blog post, however it is important to raise awareness of endometriosis and chronic illness in general. 
If you managed to read through the whole of this post Thank you!!

If any of you feel like your suffering with the symptoms of endometriosis please see your doctor ASAP, as this illness is much easier to treat if you find it early and has a much lower chance of reuccuring. 
If you have any questions about endo please feel free to ask! 

Shout out to all my #endosisters you are tough cookies! 

Have a great day! 



  1. I really think more awareness needs to be raised for 'invisible' illnesses like this - you're so brave to speak out about it. Sending all my love - I hope that your doctors can help make things a little easier soon <3

    Steph -


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