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How to lose weight in a healthy way?

As a society it seems like were always dieting and so obsessed with the way we look. 
Everything we see on social media and on magazines is always how to lose weight? The latest fad diets and young girls starving themselves to try and look like there fave celebrity or Instagram models. 
The truth is no one really looks that way naturally and if they do their a very small 1% of the population. 
Celebrities and models have the privilege of having access to some of the best dieticians, personal trainers, and even plastic surgeons in the world. 
Not to mention they can afford the best quality food and they have the gift of time! Which many of us don't have. 

What really struck me to write this post was hearing my younger sisters talk the other day about how they wanted lose weight, and how they were restricting their diets and even starving themselves completely, and going as far to call themselves fat! 
This is heartbreaking for me to hear that young girls are going to extreme measures and feel so insecure about their body's because of what they see on social media and from their peers. 

As someone who has suffered with eating disorders my whole life since I was 8 years old it's devastating to see young girls in this mindset. 
Having an eating disorder so young in my life was very detrimental to my health and growth.
I never really enjoyed my childhood because I was constantly trying to loose weight and achieve unattainable standards. 
Not to mension that it can have so much impact on your physical health too.

I am finally at a point in my life where i can live a healthy lifestyle and actually eat what i want and not feel guilty, and it feels amazing!
I still struggle at times with intrusive thoughts but I think Eating disorders are something that you struggle with forever especially if you are someone who has struggled with one for the majority of your life like myself.
But you have to keep on kicking that ed's ass!

Anyway I thought I would give a few tips on ways I feel can help you lose weight in a healthy way, in no way am i saying that you should lose weight.
I think all body shapes and sizes are beautiful and no one should ever feel pressured to lose weight because of others, weight loss should be something you do for yourself and yourself only!
I don't believe in Diets full stop! you should never restrict your calories, its all about changing your lifestyle a Healthy diet and Exercise is the only way to lose weight and maintain.
I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist, however I am currently studying to be a Pilates instructor and certified Nutritionist, and health and fitness is something I am very passionate about and I am someone with a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight.

Anyway heres some tips...

Eat Healthily
I know a lot of people struggle with what eating healthy actually is but its quite simple really eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and little to no processed food.
I recommend a plant based diet however I am a Vegan so i guess I am a little biased but I do believe that a plant based diet is the healthiest way to eat and many studies have proven this, so do your research and check out the facts for yourself!

Dont restrict!
Never ever restrict your calories I recommend at least 1800 calories for a woman and 2500 for a man, if not more.
So many people are afraid of calories, and follow very low calorie controlled diets, however its not about how many calories, its about the quality of calories!
Think about it if one person ate 2000 calories worth of fruit & veg and another ate 2000 calories worth of junk food, who would be the healthiest?
who would most likely weigh the least?
who would feel the best?
I think its pretty obvious!
Restricting your calorie intake and foods only leads to binging which in turn leads to weight gain and then restricting again, I've been stuck in this cycle many times and trust me its no fun!

Treat yourself
I dont recommend that you give up all your fave foods unless unless there extremely harmful to your health.
Its okay to treat yourself regularly have a cheat day once a week or a cheat meal but do not binge!
Allow yourself a small treat each day such as a few pieces of dark chocolate if thats your thing!
Or swap one unhealthy treat for a healthier one such as crisps/chips swap them for kale chips or beetroot chips still tasty.
Swap eggs for tofu scramble or fatty meats for vegan meat substitutes, much lower in cholesterol.

Don't cut out Carbs
So many people seem to be afraid of Carbs like there the Devil or something!
Our body literally runs on carbs, carbs are what provide our body with energy and brain fuel, without carbs you will feel lethargic and angry.
Whats unhealthy about Carbs? carbs consist of fruits, vegetables, rice pasta, all very healthy food.
As a Vegan my main diet source is carbs, and by no means am I any where near overweight!
Carbs are low in fat and will not make you fat!
Stick to unprocessed carbs its ok to have some bread and pizza etc, but potatoes, fruit, rice and oats are better options.

Don't be afraid of natural sugars
Again people seem to be afraid of sugar I understand wanting to cut out processed sugar from sweets, sweeteners etc.
But there is nothing bad about the sugar in fruit, eat as much fruit as you want it will only give you energy and make your skin look great!

Don't be afraid of fats
It seems as humans were afraid of every food group we shouldn't be afraid of food,
I see people say all the time say ''I won't eat avocados because they are so high in fat'' but then they proceed to eat mcdonalds and chocolate!
Yet their scared of a natural food that has so many benefits wheres the logic in that?!
Anything to justify there unhealthy habits right?!
The healthy fats in avocados nuts and seeds provide so many benefits such as healthy skin, hair, prevention of illness, full of potassium, vitamin's C, K, E, and omega 3, and much more.
And they may be high in fat but they are very low in saturates, which is what counts.
The fats you should be afraid of come from animal products like meat and cheese they have no nutritional value whatsoever and dairy is designed for baby cows, so should not be ingested by humans.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body exercise helps increase strength, burn calories, reduce stress levels and gives you endorphins "and endorphins make you happy" legally blonde moment!
Exercise shouldn't be time consuming or un enjoyable, it should be something you can fit into your lifestyle and something you look forward too.
You don't have to spend money either, find an exercise that works for you, whether thats walking, yoga, pilates, strength training, running, dancing, swimming or if the gyms your thing then go for it!
there's tonnes of workout videos online I am hoping to produce some of my own in the future once I am certified.
One of my fave workouts to do is strength training!
I also completely understand if you can't exercise as someone who suffers from a debilitating chronic illness I don't get to exercise anywhere near as much as I used to which is very annoying to me as i love exercise, but we don't all get the luck of perfect health!
So don't feel bad if you can't always exercise.

Listen to your body
Eat when your hungry, go with your cravings, if your tired sleep, if you don't feel like working out one day take a rest your bodies telling you this for a reason.

Overall its all about moderation having a healthy balanced diet, along with regular exercise, allowing yourself treats and not restricting.
And being happy with your appearance, we can't all look like models and live up to society's standards nor should we feel like we have to, all shapes and sizes are beautiful and you should never be made to feel insecure in your own skin.
Whilst I know i preach a healthy lifestyle with exercise its a personal choice, if you want to eat junk food all day and never workout thats up to you and thats perfectly okay!
But if you want to look a certain way of course a healthy lifestyle will give you those results, but at the end of the day looks don't matter at all in the broad scheme of things, I personally never judge someone by their appearance, but do judge on whether or not their a good person!

Hope you liked this post and found it helpful?!
let me know your thoughts?

Have a Great Day!


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