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Working-out when you have Endometriosis?

As a lover of exercise, it was very distressing to me when i started suffering from chronic pain due to endometriosis, as I had to give up a lot of things in my life including exercise.
When the pain is at its worst, i really can't do any sort of exercise and I am often bed bound.
Before I started struggling with endo I was always extremely active and enjoyed high impact exercise like running Hiit and Strength training.
I tried to push myself to continue with my intense workout regime, however it only made the pain worse and in turn just made me sicker, and i would be left bed bound again for a week after.

Exercise has always been my stress relief, something that calms me down, shuts of my mind for a while and makes me feel better both physically and mentally, so I knew that exercise wasn't something I could fully give up, not only that but as anyone would be, i was worried about gaining weight.

So in order to keep an active lifestyle for myself I've simply had to tailor it to my condition.
Yoga and Pilates are great for endometriosis and other chronic illness's, as they are low impact and help to stretch and relax the muscles. There are many routines available that are even tailored to Endometriosis and specific conditions, and I have found that gentle stretching actually reduces endo pain.
Which is one of the reasons I am currently studying to be, a Pilates instructor.

However if your like me and your a high impact junkie and don't really consider yoga or pilates a workout then there are other options, you can do on days where your in little pain, and feel stronger.
On my good days when feeling little pain, I like to do some strength training, strength training is my favourite type of workout, not only is it pretty low impact, but since your lifting weights it also gives you a cardio burn too, I don't recommend lifting too heavy as this will likely make your pain levels worse.
I recommend checking out Fitnessblender on youtube for strength training workouts their the best!

Another good form of exercise to do for endo are Barre workouts there like a cross between ballet and pilates, so are still quite low impact, however you do feel a burn and its great for toning.

One of the simplest walking!

And Cycling! this can either be done outdoors or indoors on a stationary bike, I recently invested in a stationary bike myself, due to my chronic pain, as its something you can do that doesn't require much intensity, however its still a great overall cardiovascular exercise.
And you can go at whatever pace you like,
I like to go on my stationary bike whilst watching tv or a movie, and it tends to take away the attention from any endo pain your feeling.

Its fun and a great mood booster as well as exercise, whether you choose to go to a class or just dance around your room!

Hope you found this helpful, these are some of the things I have found work for me, however they may not suit everyone.
I do not recommend you exercise when you are suffering from severe pain, unless its light stretching!
Only exercise when you feel like you can and are in little to no pain, and have the energy, do not push yourself to exercise if you are in pain!
Listen to your body, don't try to keep up with a schedule, as thats unachievable when you suffer with Endometriosis or any other chronic illness, and you will only set your self up for failure.
Take it day by day, you may only be able to exercise once a week, or once a month, but it still counts, just try to do what you can!
Remember Always consult with your GP beforehand.

Let me know your thoughts on this post, was it helpful? what exercise do you find best suit your Endometriosis/Chronicillness?

Hope your having a Great Day! 



  1. What a great post and thanks so much sharing! Even though I don't have endometriosis I really loved the part of dancing, I think we forget that this is one of the best exercise ever and now I will put some music and dance!! xxx

    1. Thank you, yes dancing is great and never feels like actual exercise! xx

  2. Yoga is always the go-to for me, usually because it's slow paced and relaxing! Lovely post x

    Anika |


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