Thursday, 5 October 2017

The access to therapy in the uk is ridiculous

As someone who's suffered with numerous mental illness since I was child as well as chronic illness I've been through quite a few therapists, both on the nhs and private.

As a child abuse survivor you can probably imagine it can cause a lot of trauma PTSD and mental stress. 
And I feel it's extremely necessary for any abuse/trauma victim and those with mental illness to see a therapist. 
Otherwise how will you ever get better?!

The first time I ever saw a counsellor was 
Back in university, this was the first time I ever disclosed the abuse I suffered as a child to anyone. 
Shortly after speaking about the abuse I suffered a nervous breakdown, I saw the counsellor at uni for 2 months and then she retired, so I was passed onto another counsellor at the uni for another month, she then referred me onto a student therapist elsewhere. phew!

As you can imagine it was rather stressful and confusing having to start over with someone new so frequently. 
I saw the student therapist for over a year and found it wasn't really helping my mental health at all obviously my case was rather complex for a student counsellor. 

So I decided to seek help through the Nhs I was offered CBT for anxiety which is a short term therapy of around 12 weeks. 
How they expect you to overcome years of anxiety in 12 weeks I don't know?! 
And besides that it wasn't addressing the root cause of my anxiety which was the abuse I suffered as a child. 

During this time I was also suffering with severe bulimia and purging daily, it was really taking over my life, and work. 
However the Nhs refused to offer me any help for a potentially life threatening illness! 

Eventually around 3 years later I was finally offered some help for my eating disorder. 
Again it was only short term therapy, really what is the use in short term therapy?! 
This experience with a therapist was not very good.
I would tell her about the horrific mental and physical abuse I suffered as a child and she would reply
"It could have been worse"! 
Which is not only disgusting but extremely unprofessional for a supposed 'therapist' to say! 

I looked into seeking out therapy privately however as someone with severe chronic illness, chronic pain, and mental illness, who was unable to work I didn't have the funds to fork out over £50 a session I could barely afford food and rent never mind a Therapist. 

I called numerous charities and finally came across the 'women's centre' who said they offered short term low cost therapy. 
I had a consultation with someone in June and they finally got back to me this week to tell me that they are unable to offer me therapy as they only have student therapists and it would be a risk to put me with someone. 
So they have now taken me off their waiting list. 
I understand where their coming from but I think it's absolutely disgusting to leave someone in the lurch like that someone suffering with mental illness and chronic illness someone who's isolated and has no support system, someone with no family or friends, to just leave them with no help. 
This is the kind of thing that leads people to suicide granted I am Not suicidal, but how do they know I am not?! 

The lack of help for those of us with mental illness and chronic illness is what leads to poverty homelessness and even suicide. 
Something needs to be done about this. 

I feel so let down by not only the Nhs but charities who claim they will help everyone but when it comes down to it they really don't give a fuck. 

And I know I am not the only one that has been treated this way. 

Anyway sorry for the rant but I felt it was important to share this because if no one speaks up nothing will ever change. 



  1. I honestly wonder how many lives lost to suicide are completely preventable by not turning people away from the help they need! I've done CBT too and whilst it teaches you useful ways to cope, it doesn't tackle root problems at all, and it doesn't help you immediately

    Steph -

    1. Yes its very upsetting to think about, I think CBT works for some people, but it just depends on the kind of person you are really, I've never found it very helpful myself.
      Hope your well xo


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