Sunday, 15 October 2017

Mushroom coffee review

I don't know about you but I am a huge coffee lover, so much so i end up drinking way too much of it.
As someone who suffers with a chronic illness 'endometriosis' and a lot of digestive issues I know how bad coffee can be when your struggling with these kind of things.

I've been trying to switch it up with matcha, teas and decaf, but nothing ever really come's close to a 'good ole cup' of the caffeinated stuff.

I was searching online for a good coffee alternative when I came across mushroom coffee, sounds a little strange but 'mushroom coffee' claims to host a range of benefits including, digestion, immune boosting, liver cleansing, and lowering the risk of Cancer and Alzheimer's.
The amount of caffeine in mushroom coffee is usually a lot lower so is great for those who suffer with anxiety.

With all the array of benefits Its no wonder I had to try it..

The mushroom coffee I purchased is from the brand 'four sigmatic' it contains cordyceps and chaga, they come in a few different varieties.
The coffee comes in a small box of 10 little cup sized servings.

OK so your probably wondering does it taste like mushroom? the answer is no I couldn't taste mushroom at all.
However it did to me taste like a strong cheaper coffee, being such a coffee connoisseur it wasn't exactly to my tastebuds.
However with a little almond milk it helps to sweeten it up.

Did I notice any Benefits?
Yes I did notice that it was easier to digest and I wasn't rushing to the toilet straight after like I would with regular coffee (sorry tmi).
I also noticed a different in my anxiety levels been someone who suffers with an anxiety disorder I know regular coffee tends to make me stress more, but with mushroom coffee i didn't experience that.

Overall I do like this mushroom coffee however the price is the biggest off put for me, being just under £10 for only 10 servings its a little pricey and not something i could afford on a regular basis.

Hope you liked this lil review 
let me know your thoughts? Have you tried mushroom coffee? 
If you want to try mushroom coffee for yourself here is a link to the one I purchased on Amazon.

Have a wonderful day! 


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