Monday, 2 October 2017

How to share accommodation as a Vegan?

You've probably noticed I've had quite the Uni series going on my blog these past months, but I just keep thinking of so many uni-life related topics.
So why not keep them rolling? 

This is also suitable for non students to as shared accommodation has become more and more common these days with the housing crisis. 

Anyway let's get into the post 
Let's face it Life can be a little more challenging as a vegan. 
You've got that whole problem of finding food you can eat when going out, people raising their eyebrows at you when you tell them your vegan, and then having to explain to them why your vegan and them proceeding to raise their eyebrows. 
And not to mention the fact that you just can't understand why more humans can't find the compassion in their heart to become a vegan also? 

But living in a shared house as a vegan or even living with a partner or family that's not vegan it can be daunting. 

When you put your food into a shared fridge chances are it's going to be filled with animal products not only is it disgusting to look at, but when it's touching your veggies or the fridge has that sweaty cheese smell it can be very off putting. 

And then when their cooking you don't want to have to look at the poor animal that's been boiled up and the smell of death in the air, I am feeling rather nauseous just thinking about it. 

I have lived in quite a few shared houses over the years with non vegans and I still do live with a non vegan, so here are my top tips on how to manage the situation.

Get a mini fridge 
Get a decent sized mini fridge for your room so you don't have to store your produce next to animal products.

Get a lockable clear food storage box 
If you can't afford to purchase your own mini fridge as I know they can be quite pricey. 
You can get lockable food storage boxes I've seen them online on amazon and eBay. 
These are perfect because you can keep all your veggies in there and lock them up, so not only will your food not be touching meat or dairy but it won't become scented with it, and you'll also be ensured it hasn't been tampered with and no one can nick it! haha

Don't go in the kitchen when their cooking meat! 
It's best to avoid at these times, and once their finished open the windows turn on the fan, and put in an air freshner to help get rid of the smell. 

Get your own cooking facilities 
You could be super awkward like me and avoid the shared kitchen all together. 
And get yourself some lil cooking bits for your room such as...
- mini oven 
- microwave 
- toaster 
- hot plate 
- George Forman/toaster grill 
- Kettle

Don't share untensils 
If it bothers you as a vegan, then keep seperate pots, pans and utensils in your room to avoid cross contamination. 

Cook up a delicious Vegan Meal
Cook your housemates a delicious vegan meal it's a great way to socialize and show them just how delicious vegan food can be. 
If you want recipe ideas check out some of my food posts!

Hope you liked this lil post and found it helpful? 
I apologise if I came off as a judgey vegan, I am not I promise, I am very passionate about veganism and I accept all human beings regardless of food choices, religion etc, the only ones I don't accept are mean ones! 

Let me know if you'd like more posts like this? 

Have a beautiful day! 



  1. One of my closest friends at uni struggled so much being a vegan in halls. One flatmate in particular used to use her pans to cook his meat in, it was so horrible! These are some hella useful tips!

    Steph -

    1. Thank you, i don't know why some people think its ok to use other peoples stuff without asking so annoying, I had a roommate who used to steal my food constantly! So now i hide everything away haha


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