Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Best Vegan Snacks

I don't know about you but I absolutely love snacks!
I could literally just eat snacks all day rather than an actual meal, sometimes I go to the grocery store and come home and realise all I've purchased is snacks, and have no food for an actual meal, anyone else do this?

Well since I have so many snacks on hand I thought I'd share with you some of my fave Vegan & also Gluten free snacks, and give you an idea of some things you can eat as a vegan. 

Lets get into it!...

The first yummy snack are these dried strawberries from the brand URBAN FRUIT, They taste to me just like sweets only its literally just baked strawberries with no added sugar, so its a healthy alternative to candy. 
They are available in many different flavours such as mango pineapple etc, I have only tried them in the strawberry and rasperry flavours so far and I love the strawberry so much I just can't stop buying them. 
They are stocked at most grocery stores including Tesco and Waitrose. 

The next snacks are from one of my fave brands Pip & Nut.
 They have a wide range of all natural delicious Nut butters and Nut butter is my life! 
These ones are Almond butter which are in small individual sachets perfect for on the go, they also sell just a simple jar of almond butter, but i love the sachets for portion control otherwise my ass will never get my spoon out the jar!
Its just simple almond butter made from Almonds and a little sea salt no oils or crap added! 

Now for the best this very indulgent hazelnut, chocolate & coconut butter, its kind of like a healthy nutella but soooo much better! 
It tastes to me like chocolate truffles, I like to keep it in the fridge and get myself a spoonful whenever I am feeling like a sweet treat. 
Its simply made from hazelnuts cacao and coconut and a little agave nectar, It tastes naughty but its really not! 
I would definitely recommend you try this out of any of the snacks especially since its a limited edition product! 
I got mine from Ocado.

I am sure you've all heard of nakd bars by now but they are just the best snacks ever made, all natural made from literally just nuts and dried fruits, its amazing they can taste so good!
There available in tonnes of flavours including cocoa, cocoa orange, peanut, pecan pie, gingerbread, lemon drizzle, carrot cake an so on.
My fave flavours are Gingerbread, Pecan Pie and Cashew cookie!

Pulsin bars, again similar to nakd bars made from simple healthy ingredients like nuts and seeds. 
 They come in a variety of flavours and taste rather indulgent for something so healthy.
 This one is in the 'Almond & raisin raw choc brownie' flavour and is my fave one from pulsin. 
They make for a perfect on the go snack. 

Again another bar can you tell i like snack bars? This one is from the brand 'creative nature'. 
They are raw bars one being a raw flapjack style bar in cacao flavour, it tastes like a a flapjack to me and contains lots of cacao nibs. 
The other is a Peanut Protein bar which i especially love since it is peanut and contains protein so is great for a post workout snack!

And last but not least are these dairy free brands from the brand 'koko' these seem to be the only brand of Vegan yogurts that are actually affordable, at £1.25 for two pots. 
 That may still seem pricey but some vegan yogurts are actually £3 for one single sized pot! 
There not the most natural yogurts but no yogurts are really and these are the only vegan yogurts that don't have a sickly taste. 
They come in quite a few flavours this been the raspberry my fave flavour however is the lemon and coconut!

Hope you liked this lil post and try out some of these snacks for yourself! 

Have a wonderful day! 


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