Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Autumn/Winter harvest bowls

These Autumn/Winter harvest bowls are a fresh take on the regular Buddha bowls, i say autumn/winter but you can eat them whenever you like!
I just specifically targeted them towards a/w as they are warming, hearty and comforting to relax with on a cold fall evening. 
These harvest bowls are full of delicious and nutritious plants to nourish your body and keep you fueled over the festive season. 
Hope you enjoy!

'with a maple mustard dressing'


Friday, 27 October 2017

Working-out when you have Endometriosis?

As a lover of exercise, it was very distressing to me when i started suffering from chronic pain due to endometriosis, as I had to give up a lot of things in my life including exercise.
When the pain is at its worst, i really can't do any sort of exercise and I am often bed bound.
Before I started struggling with endo I was always extremely active and enjoyed high impact exercise like running Hiit and Strength training.
I tried to push myself to continue with my intense workout regime, however it only made the pain worse and in turn just made me sicker, and i would be left bed bound again for a week after.

Exercise has always been my stress relief, something that calms me down, shuts of my mind for a while and makes me feel better both physically and mentally, so I knew that exercise wasn't something I could fully give up, not only that but as anyone would be, i was worried about gaining weight.


Monday, 23 October 2017

Dark chocolate covered Pumpkin spice energy balls

These delicious pumpkin spice energy balls are a great healthy snack alternative, perfect alongside a cup of coffee, or as a halloween 'trick or treat' or for parties.
They are all raw minus the dark chocolate, Vegan & Gluten free.
Feel free to leave out the chocolate as they are still very indulgent, but why wouldn't you want to dip anything in chocolate?!


Friday, 20 October 2017

DIY Vitamin E Lip scrub

Now that were getting into the colder months, i don't know about you but my lips start to get a little chapped, with the combination of the cold, the wind, and central heating, it can really dry out our skin especially, one of our most delicate areas our lips.
So here is a lil DIY all natural lip scrub that is perfect to get rid of dead skin and smooth the lips, it also helps in plumping them.
This lip scrub is perfect to use all year round when your in need of a lil pampering.


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How to eat Vegan as a Student? #Cheap

Many people have this huge misconception that being Vegan is expensive, before I was Vegan myself I actually thought the same way.
But since going Vegan I actually found it can be one of the cheapest lifestyles.
I myself managed to stay Vegan living as a student and even now as a broke graduate.
So i thought i would share with you some of my tips for eating Vegan on a budget and the types of foods to eat and the ones to avoid...


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Mushroom coffee review

I don't know about you but I am a huge coffee lover, so much so i end up drinking way too much of it.
As someone who suffers with a chronic illness 'endometriosis' and a lot of digestive issues I know how bad coffee can be when your struggling with these kind of things.

I've been trying to switch it up with matcha, teas and decaf, but nothing ever really come's close to a 'good ole cup' of the caffeinated stuff.

I was searching online for a good coffee alternative when I came across mushroom coffee, sounds a little strange but 'mushroom coffee' claims to host a range of benefits including, digestion, immune boosting, liver cleansing, and lowering the risk of Cancer and Alzheimer's.
The amount of caffeine in mushroom coffee is usually a lot lower so is great for those who suffer with anxiety.

With all the array of benefits Its no wonder I had to try it..


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Pumpkin & Pine nut Pizza

Since its Autumn I have yet another delicious Pumpkin recipe for you.
This pumpkin and pine nut pizza is a healthy yet indulgent delight perfect on chilly fall nights, sharing with friends, and as a healthy option for the kids. 
As always its Vegan & Gluten free
Hope you Enjoy!...


Thursday, 5 October 2017

The access to therapy in the uk is ridiculous

As someone who's suffered with numerous mental illness since I was child as well as chronic illness I've been through quite a few therapists, both on the nhs and private.

As a child abuse survivor you can probably imagine it can cause a lot of trauma PTSD and mental stress. 
And I feel it's extremely necessary for any abuse/trauma victim and those with mental illness to see a therapist. 
Otherwise how will you ever get better?!

The first time I ever saw a counsellor was 
Back in university, this was the first time I ever disclosed the abuse I suffered as a child to anyone. 
Shortly after speaking about the abuse I suffered a nervous breakdown, I saw the counsellor at uni for 2 months and then she retired, so I was passed onto another counsellor at the uni for another month, she then referred me onto a student therapist elsewhere. phew!


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Best Vegan Snacks

I don't know about you but I absolutely love snacks!
I could literally just eat snacks all day rather than an actual meal, sometimes I go to the grocery store and come home and realise all I've purchased is snacks, and have no food for an actual meal, anyone else do this?

Well since I have so many snacks on hand I thought I'd share with you some of my fave Vegan & also Gluten free snacks, and give you an idea of some things you can eat as a vegan. 

Lets get into it!...


Monday, 2 October 2017

How to share accommodation as a Vegan?

You've probably noticed I've had quite the Uni series going on my blog these past months, but I just keep thinking of so many uni-life related topics.
So why not keep them rolling? 

This is also suitable for non students to as shared accommodation has become more and more common these days with the housing crisis. 

Anyway let's get into the post 
Let's face it Life can be a little more challenging as a vegan. 
You've got that whole problem of finding food you can eat when going out, people raising their eyebrows at you when you tell them your vegan, and then having to explain to them why your vegan and them proceeding to raise their eyebrows. 
And not to mention the fact that you just can't understand why more humans can't find the compassion in their heart to become a vegan also? 

But living in a shared house as a vegan or even living with a partner or family that's not vegan it can be daunting. 

When you put your food into a shared fridge chances are it's going to be filled with animal products not only is it disgusting to look at, but when it's touching your veggies or the fridge has that sweaty cheese smell it can be very off putting. 

And then when their cooking you don't want to have to look at the poor animal that's been boiled up and the smell of death in the air, I am feeling rather nauseous just thinking about it. 

I have lived in quite a few shared houses over the years with non vegans and I still do live with a non vegan, so here are my top tips on how to manage the situation.


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