Monday, 11 September 2017

How to live without a Kitchen?

Since its the starting Uni time of year, I thought I'd share with you a story of mine whilst I was at University.
That is as the title reads 'How I lived without a Kitchen for a year?' and some tips on how to do this...

We all know student accommodation can be pretty grim, but you don't know grim student accommodation until you've lived in London, its not just the student accommodation thats grim here though its the accommodation in general, not to mention the high rent prices, anyhow thats another story.

In the second year of University most students usually choose to rent in the private sector, as halls of residence are usually reserved for first year students.
In my second year of University I decided to adopt a Dog, I know stupid idea? I was 19 and very stubborn, but to be fair I wasn't like most 19 year olds, I wasn't a party girl, I am a total home body, complete introvert and prefer the company of animals over people and just fell in love with this little doggy.
So now not only did I have the issue of supplying reasonably priced accommodation in London, but reasonably priced accommodation in London that allowed pets!
Which is much harder than I thought it would be, for some reason London just seems to be against pets?
Which I just can't fathom? I mean I know they can be hairy, but that only takes some simple cleaning and my dog was extremely well behaved.
If anything humans are so much worse their loud, some are dirty and some cause damage, I could go on.
Anyway after searching the internet, going to estate agents, and visiting properties everyday for my whole summer, I finally found somewhere the day before I started uni, so it was quite a rush, but they allowed my dog, so I was over the moon.
The place was a room in a house living with Landlord, big mistake! It was a decent sized room, in a very nice area, the house was lovely but had been neglected a lot over the years and was falling apart.
I also had my own bathroom which was great because sharing bathrooms can suck.

Soon after moving in the landlady told me I was not allowed to use her kitchen at all, only for the washing machine, she supplied a fridge and freezer on the landing and a microwave.
When I went to do my first batch of laundry I realised why she didn't want anyone in her kitchen, It was disgusting, I'd never seen anything like it in my life, Its clear she was a hoarder, there was a huge hole in the ceiling it had rotted and was pacifically falling down, there was stuff everywhere, food, unwashed pots and years out of date produce, the smell was nauseating and there was black mould growing everywhere even in the fridge!
I wouldn't have used the kitchen there even if she'd let me it was vile!

I forgot to mention this cost me a whopping £500 and that was five 6 years ago, thats London for ya!

Anyway I'll let you know how I managed to cope without a kitchen, and if your in the same situation it may be helpful to you!

Mini Fridge
I had a decent sized mini fridge in my room where I could store salads and fruit.

Having a little kettle in my room was great for making coffee, and also instant noodles as a meal.

I also had a toaster in my room.

George forman
A lil george forman was a great investment as it allowed me to cook veggie burgers, and roast vegetables for a nice meal.

Hot plate
I got a little hot plate so I could boil pasta, rice and veggies or anything really.

Foods to eat
- salads (no cooking necessary and healthy and can easily be stored in mini fridge)
- cereal (again no cooking!)
- toast toasted bagels etc.
- pre prepared salads (which can be stored in the fridge)
- instant noodles and cup soup (only takes a kettle)
- tinned beans, chickpeas (don't need cooking)
- lots of sandwiches, wraps (its time to get adventurous!)
- Eat out if affordable go to a buffet and get food to take home, or eat at Uni

Hope you liked this lil post?
Let me know if you'd like more uni series style posts?

Have a great Day! 



  1. This would be my absolute worst nightmare! I'm such an introvert too and cooking at home is something that really helps my anxiety. Some landlords are absolutely horrible!

    Steph -

    1. Same, I am a total home body and find cooking so relaxing.
      Thanks for stopping by! x


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