Tuesday, 26 September 2017

DIY Pumpkin

This DIY Pumpkin is a lovely decoration perfect for the Autumn/Fall season and halloween, great to use as an indoor decoration or even outdoor if you weather proof with the right materials.
Not only does it look cute, but its so fun and relaxing to make on a cosy rainy day.
Its a process, but it only took me less than a week to make with doing an hour a day or so.
Hope you enjoy!
Lets get into the tutorial...

You will need: 

- A lot of plastic bags 
- Newspapers 
- PVA Glue 
- masking tape or wire or rope 
- any tape 
- Jointing compound
- Acrylic paint colours of your choice 

p.s sorry the pics aren't the best I took them at night and don't have a fancy camera or lighting, just use an old iPhone 4 lol, hoping to get something better soon.

To start with take a plastic bag like a grocery bag and stuff it with plenty of plastic bags or newspaper so it creates a round shape, your free to make your pumpkin as big or small as you like, obviously the bigger the pumpkin the more stuffing it will need.
I made mine fairly small for this one.

Next you'll want to make your Pumpkin shape, by using rope i added grooves like a pumpkin, you can also use craft wire or masking tape to create the grooves, rope was just all i had at the time. 
Using your rope you should start of by tying rope down the centre of your bag and pulling tightly at the top and tying. 
Then you'll want to divide into quarters think of it like cutting a cake or pizza. 
Then divide your quarters into eighths, but don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect, because not all pumpkins are perfect!
As you can see mines pretty messy. 

Now were going to create your pumpkin stalk using your plastic bag handles and tape, wrap lots of tape around them and bend into the shape of stalk you desire, i just kept mine pretty simple here. 

Now its time for the messy fun part, paper mache, incase your unfamiliar with paper mache you will need newspaper cut into strips, and PVA glue. 
I actually used a magazine here, as i didn't have any newspaper, but it does work better with newspaper. 
Mix PVA glue in a bowl with a little water and now you have your paper mache paste, I recommend you cover your whole pumpkin base in the glue before adding newspaper, but start by doing the sides of the pumpkin first rather than the bottom. 
Then its time to add your strips of newspaper, do in the process of paste paper paste. 
I recommend you do 4-6 layers of paper mache the more paper, the stronger your pumpkin will be.
start by doing one layer, then doing the same layer on the base of the pumpkin, then let it dry a little and apply layer 2 and so on. 

Paper macheing the bottom of the pumpkin. 

Now to paper mache the stalk of your pumpkin again do 4-6 layers. 
Leave your paper mache to dry overnight before its time for the clay.

To make the clay you will need 2 parts jointing compound mixed with 1 part pva glue, now paint it all over your pumpkin, until all the newspaper is covered, do a couple layers of the compound. 
And leave to dry overnight.

Once its dried your ready for the creative part, painting and decorating your pumpkin, I kept mine fairly traditional with a burnt orange colour and a kind of gold drip, I then glued rope all around my pumpkin stalk. 
I also painted my whole pumpkin in PVA glue after the paint was dried to create a protective shiny glaze. 
You could also paint a face on your pumpkin too. 

If your wanting to weather proof your pumpkin then instead of using PVA glue with your jointing compound, use outdoor wood glue, and glaze it with an outdoor seal that is clear.

And voila!

You have your Pumpkin! 

Hope you liked this lil DIY, let me know your thoughts? 
if you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask! 

I will also have another pumpkin DIY coming shortly where you actually hollow out the pumpkin
so stay tuned for that if your interested! 

Have a wonderful Day and Have fun crafting! 


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