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Autumn Pumpkin recipes #Vegan #Glutenfree

I've been going pumpkin crazy this week, coming up with tonnes of pumpkin recipes and making DIY pumpkins, I feel like such a cliche but I just love Pumpkin and Autumn.
Anyway I thought I'd share with you some delicious and interesting Pumpkin recipes, as usual there all Vegan & Gluten free, hope you enjoy...


The first one is a Pumpkin spice matcha latte, its like a fresh take on the traditional coffee pumpkin spice latte and is much healthier too.
Its completely vegan friendly, how many of you have had your first pumpkin spice latte yet?


1tsp of matcha
200ml Almond milk
1/2 a tsp of cinnamon 
A pinch of Ginger, Nutmeg and Turmeric 
(you could also just use a pre made pumpkin pie spice mix)
1tsp vanilla extract
1tsp of pumpkin puree


Place all of your ingredients into a sauce pan and using a matcha whisk or fork, mix and stir until it is hot.
Place into your fave mug, you can also top with extra milk foam or even dairy free whip cream and Vegan marshmallows. 

p.s how cute is my lil pumpkin in the back? I'll have a DIY on this coming soon, so stay tuned for that if your interested!


I just had to do a savoury recipe, because so many pumpkin recipes seem to be sweet. 
And because I am such a pasta-aholic it had to be pasta of course!
My first instinct was to make a pumpkin ravioli, but unfortunately that ended up been an epic fail, so I settled for the next best thing Cannelloni. 
This Pumpkin and pesto cannelloni will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters, and is a comforting dish perfect on a cold fall day. 
Also can I just mention the Vegan cheese in the pic, this is the first vegan cheese I have found that actually melts! its by the brand 'follow your heart' in Mozzarella style, it is also soy free, I purchased this on Amazon fresh for £2.29 fresh is the only placed I've seen it been sold so far.


Lasagne sheets 
(i used gluten free ones but can be substituted)
Canned Pumpkin 
(I used a classic basil vegan pesto) 
Vegan cheese 
Pine nuts for topping and tomatoes (optional)


Boil your pasta until it becomes pliable 
Arrange your pumpkin and pesto and a little vegan cheese like in the picture below 

Then its time to roll, keep repeating until you've made as many cannelloni rolls as you want, then place them all into a casserole dish or pyrex, top with extra pesto and vegan cheese, you could also swap the pesto for a tomato based sauce if you prefer. 
Then Bake in the oven on 180 degrees for 30 minutes


Who doesn't want Dessert for breakfast? Not only is it delicious but its completely healthy as well. 
I wanted to do an overnight oats as its a little less basic than porridge, but feel free to make it into a warming porridge as well. 
Its also great for grabbing on the go to work and school!


50G of oats (i used Gluten free)
Almond milk about 200ml (or any other dairy free milk of choice) 
1tsp of maple syrup 
Pumpkin pie spice (if you have) 
Or just make yourself with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and i like to add Turmeric for extra health benefits. 
2tsp of pumpkin puree (canned pumpkin)
Pecans chopped into small pieces 
Extra Pecans and sliced apples for topping 
dates would also go really well in this too!


Place all your ingredients into a mason jar or bowl, stir well, and place into the fridge overnight.
Then you'll have breakfast all ready for the morning!


This ones perfect as a fall desert, or even breakfast I think it would go really well alongside a pumpkin pie.


1-2 Frozen bananas 
2-3 tbsp of canned pumpkin ( I recommend freezing this also) 
1tbsp of peanut butter ( you can also substitute for almond or cashew etc)
A little almond milk to help blend
1tsp of vanilla extract
a pinch of cinnamon
Feel free to add any toppings like fruit granola etc. 


Pretty simple just blend or a food processor would work better. 
And enjoy! 

Hope you liked this recipe post and try some for yourself!
let me know your thoughts?

Have a wonderful day!


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