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What to take with you to University?

Continuing on the little University series I've got going on my blog at the moment, I thought I'd write a little post on this topic today, as when I first left home to go to university, unfortunately unlike everyone else I didn't get the memo to pack light!

I've never been a light packer, I am the kind of girl that takes 8 pairs of shoes on a 3 day break, and only wears 2 pairs the whole time!
Anyway when I left my parents home in Sheffield to move to London for uni, I had in mind that I would be moving to London forever, and 7 years later I am still here!
However unlike most people I packed up literally everything I owned, my whole wardrobe, every handbag I owned which was far too many, my jewellery collection, keepsakes, home-wear, and even boxes filled with stationary and different kinds of paper and card, and much much more!
My logic was that I didn't want to have to repurchase anything in London, because it would be so expensive.
Which is true, but when all of your stuff fills up your dads seven seater from front to back touching the roof, and there's no space for any passengers, not to mention driving down the M1,you may have gone a little overboard!

Ofcourse my dad was fuming and thought i was insane, but being my stubborn taurus self, I insisted I needed absolutely everything I'd packed.
Obviously I had the biggest shock of my life, when I arrived on campus and realised everyone else packed about one large suitcase full.
I looked like Elle off legally blonde when she arrived at Harvard, minus the all pink outfit, and chihuahua, I didn't go that far!
Then I saw my dorm room, it was no bigger than a small walk in closet, and me and my dad spent about an hour bringing all my stuff in from the car, luckily I was on the ground floor.
I then proceeded to freak out about where the hell I was going to put all my stuff, but being savvy I managed to squish it all in neatly.

Anyway this is basically my little story of how not to pack, I thought I would offer some tips on the essentials you really need to take, although after telling you this story, your probably not gonna take advice from me haha, trust me I've learned from my mistake!

1. Seasonal clothes
When you first move onto campus it will likely be in september/october, so its best to take mostly autumn/winter clothes as it will be winter for a long time, of course this depends on the weather of where you live.
But I would say take a few short sleeved tops as well as you can never predict the weather especially not in England!
Its a great idea to just take your seasonal clothes as when you go home for breaks, you can just take back your winter clothes and switch them out for spring ones and vice versa!
I'd recommend slippers and PJ's, and flip flops if you have a communal bathroom.

2. Printer
Whilst its not necessary since you will most likely have access to the University library printers, I don't know about all Uni's but at mine we had to pay for printing, not only that my dorm wasn't right on campus, so the library was a good 30mins away, which makes it difficult to print when you want, then you also have the hassle of queuing for printers/computers, and them breaking down occasionally.
Personally for me I just found it much cheaper and much easier having my own.

3. Computer
Is a must, obviously you have access to University computers, but its much easier and nicer to be able to study from the comfort of your dorm/flat.

4. Crockery/Cutlery
Its a good idea to take some basic pots and pans, obviously don't raid your mums cupboards of everything!
- pan
- knife/fork/spoon  sharp knife
- tin opener
- bowl/plate/mug/cup/glass/flask
- drainer

5. Bathroom caddy
Bathroom caddy's, such as a little plastic carry basket or bag, is great especially if you have shared showers in your dorm, its easy to keep all your shower essentials/shampoo in so you can carry it easily, without forgetting or accidentally leaving it in the shower.

6. DVD's
In most dorms you probably won't have a TV, but if you have a laptop with a disk drive, you can easily watch some of your fave movies on there.
I know you can watch stuff online but some of the sights aren't great for your computer, and have a lot of nasty pop ups, and if your internet goes down and your super bored, then you've got dvd's, and they don't take up a lot of space either.

7. Decorations
This is purely optional and you could always buy in the town/city your studying in but if you want to be prepared and have a comfortable room to sleep in then, its a good idea to take them along.
Things such as pics of family and friends, wall art, a rug, fairy lights etc, for me its important to have things like this to make me feel at home.

8. A first Aid box
Very important because accidents happen and you might get sick, fill it with plasters, antiseptic cream, bandages, paracetamol, ibuprofen, anti-hitamines and of course any prescription meds and don't forget to sign up to your University Doctors, or local GP, they usually do this during freshers week.

9. Important Documents
Passport/Driving license ID
Passport photos
Student finance documents
Your course acceptance letter
Bank Info and Bank cards
Accommadation documents
I would also recommend a small safe/lockable box to keep all important documents in.

10. Essentials
- Duvet bed sheets
- Towels
- Toothbrush/toothpaste
- Coat hangers
- Toiletries, skincare, makeup, hair brush, hair dryer, curler/straightener, nail polish, nail clippers etc

I think I've covered everything, let me know if you have more to add?
Hope you liked this type of post? let me know if you would like more uni tips?

Good luck with your packing and University! 


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