Saturday, 19 August 2017

Coffee Chat! #My week #Hedgehog

Hey guys,

Hope your well?
Its been a long time since I've done one of these coffee chats, mainly because my life's so boring and I have the same routine day to day, so I don't think there'd be much to tell you.
This week however has been a little more eventful.
So although this is called coffee chats, I am currently sipping on a well deserved glass of prosecco, it is the weekend after all!
If you wanna see a cute hedgehog continue reading!

In the property I am renting, we've had workmen in all week fitting a new shower not only has it been annoying that i couldn't shower, but they've been working ridiculously slow and have made a mess all over my room.

So i decided i would go and stay in a hotel for a day, as the landlady insisted it would only take a day, even though its taken a week.
I haven't had a holiday this year, well in a few actually, so was excited about a little day-cation at a hotel.
Little did i know the hotel was in the middle of nowhere just off the motorway, so there wasn't actually much to do and it took forever to get too, but it was the only hotel that accepted dogs, since I have a lil jack russell.
Its great that Hotels are accepting pets now, but more need to get on the bandwagon, as who wants to go away without their fur baby?
I was so looking forward to a bath at the hotel, as I don't have a bath in my place only a shower, so the thought of a nice relaxing bath to relieve my very painful cramps was lovely.
Unfortunately there was only a shower, but oh well.

We spent a lot of time in the park as I work from home, and study and with the builders in it wasn't exactly easy to work, especially since my jack russell was constantly barking at them, she's very protective and for some reason thinks she's a guard dog!
And my fave part of the week was when i got surrounded by pugs in the dog park, i like to think it was because dogs love me so much, but I think it was more because I had dog treats in my bag :)

And I also spent the week taking care of a pet hedgehog, and cats for a friend  I'll insert some pics here of the hedgehog her names Thistle.

How cute is she! :)
Sorry its not the best pic quality as she only comes out at night, so the lighting was pretty bad!

Overall this week has literally been an animal lovers dream come true, since i got to spend time with so many pets, what more could a girl want?

Anyway I think I am going to enjoy some pasta now, as this is the first proper meal I've had all week, what with not been able to get in my flat, I've been surviving of nakd bars and oatcakes.
I'll probably post the pasta recipe on my blog later!

Hope you liked this lil coffee chat?
Let me know how your weeks been?

Have a great weekend!


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