Thursday, 10 August 2017

Alternative 'butternut squash' Pasta with Aubergine Pesto

This Vegan, Gluten free pasta made from Butternut squash is a great lower calorie, filling and comforting alternative to traditional pasta's and zucchini noodles.
Along with the Aubergine pesto it makes a delicious healthy Dinner, hope you like!

The pasta is made from Butternut squash and is cut using a crinkle cutting tool to give it a fusili type look, which you can purchase from a cooking store or online, I actually cheated myself and bought the squash pre cut from Tesco.
Here is a link to a crinkle cutting tool on Amazon incase you don't have one:


Butternut squash (Crinkle cut)

Aubergine Pesto

1 whole Roasted Aubergine (chopped into small pieces) (you can buy pre made in a jar or roast your own)
olive oil
2 cloves garlic
handful of basil
50g pine nuts
juice of one lemon
2tbsp nutritional yeast
a little chilli powder
salt pepper


Boil, stir fry or bake your fusili style pieces of squash.

And making the Pesto is super simple just add all your ingredients into a food processor, until it becomes your desired texture then stir in with your butternut pasta, serve warm.


Hope you like this recipe and try for yourself!

let me know your thoughts?


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