Thursday, 24 August 2017

8 Tips for University Students

1 Get used to being broke..
Unless your lucky enough to have plenty of money already, chances are when your going to university for the first time you will probably be leaving your family home and having to make it on your own.

2 Budget!
This is probably the best piece of advice i can give you! Sit down and Workout how much money you have and how much you've got coming in, what your expenses are e.g food travel accommodation then workout how much you have left after these, for yourself e.g for clothes, going out etc if any!
Just don't go over that budget Ok!

3 Get a part-time job
Not only will it provide you with a bit of extra cash but it will also be a chance for you to boost your CV and maybe get some experience in your field.
Just be careful not to take on too many hours, you need to leave time for studying and some for yourself!

4 Get an internship!
Try to find and internship for the summer this is a great way to gain more skills in your field, and also teaches you a lot more about your field, Uni is great, but work shows you what it's really like! Internships are also a great way to make connections sometimes if your lucky they can offer you future jobs.

5 Get a student bank account
This is very important, it will save you a lot of money there are a lot of student accounts out there that offer lots of perks most offer an interest free overdraft a must! Some offer credit cards but be careful!, many offer incentives like money when you sign up!

6 Prepare yourself for the all night study sessions..
I don't know any student that's not had to pull an all nighter, with such a hectic schedule your bound to have to do this at some point so make sure you've got it covered with, caffeine to keep you awake, not to much! music to keep you motivated, and comfy pajamas, Don't pull these too often though its important to get plenty of sleep!

7 Work hard & enjoy yourself!
Working hard is the most important but Don't forget to enjoy yourself this is very important too!

8 Take care of your Health
When your busy working, studying and leading a social life, it can be easy to slack on taking care of your body, but remember taking care of your body from the inside out, will help you to function better, which means getting higher grades and having more energy.
So try not to overdo it on the alcohol and instant noodles, and make your self healthy nutritious meals with lots of fruits and veggies, make time for exercise and practice yoga and meditation to ease your stress levels.

Hope you found this useful, let me know if you would like more of these types of posts?

Have a Great Day! And good luck with University


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