Thursday, 6 July 2017

ST.TROPEZ Gradual in shower Tan

Now that were into the summer months, I am on the hunt for the perfect fake tan.
Having very pale skin, and not been one to sit in the sun, its fake tan all the way for me.
The main attraction to this fake tan for me was the ease of it, you simply apply whilst in the shower wait 3mins and wash off!

The application process 

One thing I hate about fake tans is trying to apply them and actually get an even coat, and then having to wait ages for it to dry, so it doesn't stain your clothes or bed sheets.
The great thing about this one by ST TROPEZ is it takes out that whole lengthy process.

The coverage 

It is a gradual tanner so the colour doesn't show up straight away, I tend to do it the night before and then you will see a slight tan in the morning, so with repeated use it will get deeper. 
The one thing i will say is you must massage it into the skin thoroughly I spend a good 2mins just massaging it into the skin, then waiting 3 mins before washing off.
It can be boring stood in the shower for 3 mins waiting, so I do squats in the shower whilst I wait :)

The Downsides 

One of the downsides is that it is a very light tan, so I recommend buying darker, I bought this in medium and I usually always by light in fake tans and I am very pale.

It doesn't last very long unfortunately, with daily usage lasted 2 weeks and for £14 I think thats pretty pricey!

Overall I do really like this tan from ST TROPEZ, its very quick and easy to use, it smells good, and gives a light natural tan, I just wish it were cheaper! 

Hope you liked this lil review, let me know if you've tried this for yourself, and what fake tans do you recommend?

Have a Great Day!


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