Tuesday, 4 July 2017

June Favourites

Not so many faves from last month, however I do love that their all very pink! 

To start with is this strawberry shampoo by boots, not only does it smell delicious its surprisingly nice and refreshing on the hair considering how cheap it was! 

Secondly is this exfoliating scrub from Avene, its a very gentle exfoliator suitable for sensitive skin, it leaves my face feeling smooth, cleansed and free of dry flaky skin, without leaving that tight overly cleansed feeling that some exfoliants leave.
I can honestly say this is this best exfoliator I have used so far.
I purchased this on Amazon for £10.32
here is a link if your interested in purchasing: http://amzn.to/2tdnQy9

Next is this nail polish by essie, this is my first time actually trying an essie nail polish, and I am so glad I finally did.
It applies smoothly and evenly and has a beautiful shine and stays on your nails pretty long, I usually struggle to find a nail polish that doesn't chip the same day, but this one held up.
Its in the colour 'sugar daddy' because everyone needs a sugar daddy
 even if it is just a nail polish! (joking) 

And lastly is this beautiful bronzer from Seventeen its in the colour 'pink bronze'.
I love that its more pink than bronzy as i intended to use it as more of a highlighter, it gives a lovely glowing finish and i think the pink colour is perfect for pale skin.
It also doubles up as an eyeshadow as well! 

Hope you liked this lil favourites post, let me know your faves this month, and if you'd tried any of these products?

More posts to come I update weekly! 


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