Sunday, 23 July 2017

Bullshit chronic illness "cures"

I apologise in advanced it's gonna be a bit of a rant today, but I felt extremely compelled to write this. 
As a chronic illness sufferer of 'Endometriosis' to be exact, it probably comes as no surprise to you that I spend a lot of time online and reading, trying to find ways in which to help my illness. 

However when doing this you tend to come across a lot of so called "cures" all of which claim you do this one diet, eat this particular food or buy this supplement, and you'll never be in pain again! 

Not only is it very immoral, but it's far from the truth. 
Whilst I 100% agree a healthy plant based diet can be very beneficial chronic illness or not, and is the base for a healthy body, it is in no way a cure. I speak from experience and from having an educated background of studying nutrition myself. 

People claim they went vegan and gluten free used a particular supplement and cured their chronic illness. 
Let me tell you I am living proof that a healthy diet is no cure. 

I've been eating a plant based lifestyle since I was able to walk, well to be exact I was 6 when I became vegetarian. 
And I know vege isn't that healthy either but I've never liked dairy so ate minimal dairy my whole life too. 
And that is why I have been Vegan for almost 3 years now, I have also been gluten free for that length of time too. 
I have cut out coffee, alcohol, soy, and corn in the last 6months all known as 'bad guys' when you have endometriosis. 
Along with trying every overpriced supplement and cleanse on the market! 
I forget to mention, i do not eat processed foods either. 

So why aren't I cured like these others? 
Surely from been so healthy I should have never developed a chronic illness anyway? 

I think many of these people who say they are so called "cured" from a chronic illness, probably had very bad diets before hand so Ofcourse suddenly eating plant based and organic is going to make them feel better! 
Or their just bullshitting..

Not only does it make others feel inadequate because their doing all the right things too, but they aren't "cured".
It's just straight out lying.
We call them chronic illness's for a reason because they don't go away and there is no cure. 
If there was don't you think some doctor would have come up with it already? 

Whilst I don't always fully trust and believe in the medical system, I would hope that they would and are working on curing chronic illness's! 

So yes a healthy diets great and maybe it makes you feel better, but you certainly can't claim it's a "cure"!

Sorry this was a little ranty but it's been a real tough pain day today and I just had to get this out! 
More positive posts to come soon! 


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