Monday, 31 July 2017

8 Benefits of 'Rosehip oil' and Review

1. Anti Aging 
Rosehip oil contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are great for use in preventing premature ageing and on already aged skin.
It also useful for skin with hyper pigmentation and sun damage.
I can't say myself how useful it is for ageing having young skin, however I have slight fine lines around the eye area, which i think have improved since using Rosehip oil.

2. Dry skin
Again since it contains fatty acids its one of the best natural moisturisers, can be used on facial skin, cracked lips, elbows feet and knees.
I can say that it has 100% been very useful in treating dry skin.

3. Hair
Rosehip oil is great for use on dry dull hair and split ends, you can use as an allover mask on very dry damaged hair, or just apply to the ends if you have finer hair.
After washing my hair I always apply to wet ends for silky smooth locks.

4. Scars 
It is fantastic in healing scars I have a few from face picking, don't pick your face! but this has definitely made a noticeable difference in slight scarring.

5. Cuticles 
I love using this on my nails its an excellent cuticle cream and good for smoothing and strengthening the nails.

6. Sunburn 
Rosehip oil can provide instant soothing from sunburn and help in the healing process.

7. Dandruff
Rosehip oil has been proven to help with dandruff, since it does the opposite of drying out hair.
Apply to the scalp and leave on for 30mins then follow with shampoo, and rinse thoroughly.

8. Face massage
One of my favourite ways to use Rosehip oil is in face massages, which can be very useful to detox the skin, help with anti-aging, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, and scarring.

My experience using Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil has literally been a miracle worker, so i wanted to share with you some of the amazing benefits of the oil and give an honest review on how this has helped me.

In recent months my skin was suffering from extreme dry skin and peeling pretty much all over my face. I was lathering it with different moisturisers and exfoliating like no tomorrow but nothing was touching it.
My skin is on the dryer side but I'd never suffered this type of extreme dryness before, which is why i decided to clean up my skincare once and for all.
I got rid of all the highly chemical based products and switched to natural organic products which helped a lot, but I was still suffering some dryness.
So i decided to try some sort of oil I've used coconut oil and vitamin E oil in the past but they weren't doing the trick.
Which is when I came across Rosehip oil, I applied it twice daily on my dry patches and it helped after one use and by a week of this my skin was smooth and flake free!

The Brand I purchased is from 'BeYouthful' which I got on Amazon
here is the link if your interested in purchasing:
It is 100% pure organic and cold pressed which is very important when purchasing any skin oil.
It contains 50ml, and a little goes a long way.
I would definitely recommend this brand since its good value for money at £10.95, which is quite cheap compared to most rosehip oils of its quality.

Hope you liked this lil review!
Let me know your thoughts? 

Have a great day!


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