Friday, 9 June 2017

Sake Cocktails

Recently I enjoyed some homemade veggie sushi rolls, and to go along with the sushi, i decided to try some sake for the first time!
It was very tasty sweet and refreshing, but rather strong for my light weight self, so I decided to dilute it a little by making some sake cocktails, so here are a couple i came up with, so thought i'd share.

The first is this 'Sake mojito' which is my favourite
it contains: 

2 shots of sake
the juice of 1 lime 
chopped fresh mint
I topped it up with a little diet lemon lime soda, you could also just use regular lemonade or sparkling water.
garnish with lime slices & a sprig of mint

This one I like to call an 'Orange & passionfruit sake martini'
It contains:

2 shots of sake
the juice of a fresh orange 
passion fruit seeds
and an orange wedge to garnish
You can also make it more martini like by adding a shot of Vodka or Gin!

Hope you enjoyed this lil recipe and try them for yourself they were delicious!

Happy friday! and if its not a friday when your reading this then happy insert day!



  1. Interessante!!! Ideali per un aperitivo in giardino questa estate!

  2. I've not tried Sake before, but I love sushi so I'm always tempted. The orange and passionfruit one sounds fab

    Steph -

    1. You should try it, I'd say it tastes like a sweeter but stronger white wine, thanks for stopping by. x


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