Wednesday, 7 June 2017

May Favourites!

So here are the my faves from last month, I'll give you a rundown on what they all are...

To start with are these makeup brushes they come in a set of 11, which i picked up on Amazon for only £7.69, unfortunately my real techniques brushes I had before all fell apart, which is why I had to pick up some new ones. 
I wasn't expecting much for the price, however they look and feel high quality, the bristles are super soft and apply my makeup perfectly, and so far I've had no fall out.
These are my 3 faves i love the flat top brushes for applying foundation and powder, and the fluffy brush for blending out contour and setting under eye concealer.
Amazon link:

Secondly is this perfume from Playboy VIP, Yes i know Playboy is so 10 years ago, however I picked this up on offer in boots for £5, and its surprisingly nice. 
My usual scent is Chloe eau de parfum, too broke for that this month!
And although its no Chloe, it does have a lovely scent and doesn't smell cheap at all.
The main notes are of citrus, peony, and vanilla.

Next is this foundation from Chanel, it is the VITALUMIERE, and I find it to be the best summer foundation, it is very light and moisturising, better suited to dry skin, and has a satin finish, it blends very easily, and the colour is slightly darker than my natural skin tone, so its perfect to allow a tan during the summer months.
I get it in the colour 10 LIMPIDE, and have very pale porcelain skin tone, however as I said it is slightly darker. 

Following is this 8% AHA Gel from Paula's Choice, I am not sure if you know what these are I personally have only just found out myself. 
AHA is basically Glycolic acid, which is used as an exfoliant, you apply right after cleansing and toning and leave on the skin. 
This stuff has literally saved my skin.
I had been suffering with severe dry flaking skin for the last month, and had come across AHA's so i decided to give it ago, it leaves your skin extremely hydrated, and is also suitable for ageing skin and skin with hyper pigmentation. 

And we have more from Paula's Choice, yes I am really getting into her products, I have more posts to come on Paula's choice skincare, because this brand is amazing!
Anyway this is their 'RESIST Ultra-light super antioxidant concentrate serum'
The main ingredient is hylauronic acid, for hydration, it says designed for normal to oily skin, however i have quite dry to combination skin, and find this a great serum for the summer, as it doesn't clog your pores unlike much thicker serums. 
It claims to be anti ageing and reduce pore size, so i'll keep you posted!

And last but not least is this liquid style lipstick from Clinique, which i got in the free gift, the colour is in 01 Cake-pop and its the perfect summer pink, I especially love this liquid lipstick as it is non-drying unlike many and it actually has more of a glossy finish as opposed to matte which i prefer. 

It seems to show up a little more coral in this image however I do find it to be more pink when on the lips.

Hope you liked this little faves post! let me know your may faves? 

Hope your having a great day!



  1. I heard Aha is good to keep the skin balanced! Thank you for the suggestions xxx

    1. Yes its great! thanks for stopping by xx


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