Sunday, 18 June 2017

Do you really need and eye cream?

I am no dermatologist, or aesthetician, however skincare is something I've always been very interested in and passion about, so I have spent many years researching, getting to know ingredients and trying out products for myself. I also got very good grades in science, if that makes you feel any better about taking advice from me!

Personally I've always used an eye cream ever since I was old enough to, and have always heard of research suggesting that you should use an eye cream daily no matter how old you are.
However I recently found information suggesting its not so important to use an eye cream, and that you can basically just use your regular face cream and apply a little extra of it under the eyes.

If you think about the ingredients in a face cream and an eye cream they are generally the same, so why not just use the face cream under the eyes?
I think unless you have very dry or very aged under eyes, then you will need to use a separate eye cream with a little more hydration than a regular face cream.

So should you use eye cream?
I think its a personal choice for me I will continue to use an eye cream because like I said I love skincare so enjoy trying out new creams, and i love the whole gimmick of it.
But I wouldn't fret if your on a strict budget and can't afford a separate eye cream because chances are it probably wouldn't make much difference.

Here is a link to they have some great recommendations of eye creams for all skin concerns, and budgets, if your interested in purchasing an eye cream I would definitely recommend reading this:

Let me know your thoughts? Do you use an eye cream? whats your favourite?

Hope you found this post helpful?!

More posts to come I update weekly
Have a great Day!


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