Saturday, 13 May 2017

Endovan 2 week update! #Endometriosis

If you keep up with my blog, then you'll know I suffer with a Chronic condition called Endometriosis. I am in severe pain everyday along with chronic fatigue.
I had a laparoscopic surgery for Endo in January and I am currently using the mirena coil to manage my symptoms, however I am still suffering.

I came across a product called Endovan which is targeted at Endometriosis sufferers it is an all natural supplement and is supposed to help reduce the excess fibrin in Endometriosis.
Being in pain everyday I figured it was worth a shot to try out this product.

I have been taking Endovan now for 2 weeks, during this time I have been keeping track of my symptoms in a diary.
As I look through the pages of my diary I can see that I have been in pain everyday since starting Endovan! so no reduction in my endo pain as of yet.
I have been bleeding for over a week now, I am not sure if this is my period or if its Endovan, because it does say that Endovan can cause bleeding as it is breaking down the excess fibrin.
My symptoms have included bloating, distended stomach, Chronic fatigue, insomnia and Painful bowel movements, sorry tmi, but if you suffer with Endo then you'll know what I mean.

Side effects: I have noticed that I have been coming up in a lot of bruising on my legs and arms, it did say this could be a side effect of Endovan, however I do bruise like a peach anyway.

So so far I can't say that Endovan is helping me, however it can take time it says to allow at least a month to notice full effects, so I will keep you updated.

Hope you found this useful? let me know if you have tried Endovan for yourself what were your results? what do you find helps with your endo symptoms? 

Hope your having a great day! 


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