Wednesday, 10 May 2017

April Favourites!

So I thought I would do my first ever favourites post today, I am a big fan of favourites posts and reading reviews, so I thought maybe others might like to look at them too...

Your probably wondering what that weird, white spatula looking device is so I'll start with that.
This an ultrasonic facial scrubber by Kinga.
why you ask do you need an ultrasonic scrubber to scrub your face? can't you just use a flannel?
I thought the exact same thing but after watching a review on youtube and trying it for myself, its something I can't live without!
Its main use is to scrub your face from dead skin, dirt and oils, and is supposed to be anti-aging, however my main use for it is that it removes black heads and white heads in a flash!
I think I will do a separate post on this device and demonstrate it, as it quite difficult to explain in writing and will probably be very boring, so let me know if you'd like to know more about this device?

Next up is this 'Clinique almost powder makeup' in 03 light
I've been a big fan of Clinique products for years, however I've never actually tried any of their powders or any high end powders for that matter. I like a high end foundation but I tend to go cheap on everything else.
I really wanted to try out a decent powder as when it comes to summer I don't like to wear a lot of makeup so I wanted a powder I could throw on, when I'm in a rush, and just want a more even skin tone look.
This powder definitely fits the bill, I suffer with very dry skin and most powders tend to cling to all my dry patches and this one doesn't which is amazing!
Its also not too matte and gives you a natural looking finish.
Although a little more pricey, powders tend to last me forever so its worth the investment.
I bought it a little darker than my naturally very pale skin tone so it works in the summer when i hopefully get a little tanned, but it doesn't look unnatural or orange!

Brace yourselves for the best concealer by L.A Girl at only £3 on amazon!
I've used many concealers over the years high end ones and drugstore. I've been using the MAC pro long-wear concealer for a few years now as my under eye concealer.
However I was starting to get a little bored of it and of the price, and my sister suggested this one.
I was a little weary at first I mean how can a £3 concealer be good!
But honestly I love it, its the cheapest and the best concealer I have ever used, I use it on my under eye circles and mine are pretty bad, I am very pale so my under eye skin is very see through and blue and purple in colour and this covers them perfectly.
It also acts as an under eye highlight, its easy to blend, has an easy to use brush applicator, and the colour is the perfect shade for me I got it in Porcelain.

My next fave is the Vitamin E face mist from Body shop, with rose water and wheatgerm oil, its a perfect under makeup primer spray and setting spray, its also great for on the go when your face is feeling a little tight and dry and needs a freshen up.
Great for travelling especially on planes and public transport.
I love it and will definitely keep repurchasing.
Its also pretty good value as it lasts a few months with everyday use.
Great for dry and sensitive skin types.

My favourite of all these beautiful Chanel sunglasses, which were a birthday gift from my bf, can i say more?

And last but not least this candle, nothing fancy just a cheap one from tesco, the scent is peach and prosecco, and it smells just like a Bellini fresh and summery, and it fragrances the whole room when burning, not bad for £1.50!

Hope you liked this post! let me know if you would like to see more favourites posts or reviews in the future? Let me know your april faves!


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