Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Vegan, Gluten Free, Endometriosis Diet friendly Grocery Haul!

By the title of the post you probably think my diet sounds pretty restrictive but honestly its not, I don't feel restricted at all and can pretty much eat whatever I want!

I have been Vegan for 2 years now and was vegetarian for about 16 years before that.
for the last year I have been Gluten free as I suffer with IBS and found cutting out Gluten really helped with that.
I was also recently diagnosed with Endometriosis a chronic condition so I have been following the Diet for Endometriosis ever since, to try and ease my symptoms.

Incase your not familiar with Endometriosis it is a Chronic condition that causes chronic Abodomen and Pelvic pain, and severe menstrual pain and bleeding if you want to find out more about Endometriosis, I have another blog where I write a lot about it. my other blog libertylifeandselfhelp.blogspot.co.uk
More about Endometriosis https://libertylifeandselfhelp.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/dear-diary-entry-22-endometriosis.html

Anyway back to the grocery haul, so I thought I would give anyone who follows a similar diet, or is interested in a lifestyle change, an idea of the kinds of food you can eat, and show you it doesn't have to be limiting or expensive!

Foods from left to right...


Mirabella peppers
some very green Bananas
Plum tomatoes

Carrots ( I've been big into juicing lately since I got my new juicer and fresh carrot juice is my fave, and this whole bag of carrots was only 29p!)

Sweet potato
I don't usually buy sweet potato but i've been craving them lately, I think i'll probably make some sweet potato fries.

Cauliflower & broccoli florets
perfect on their own or for adding to quinoa and rice dishes

Reduced fat hummus
They come in a pack of 3 little pots and contain a plain hummus, a red pepper hummus and a lemon and coriander hummus which is my fave, i love these for snacking or on a sandwich or salad.

The Primal pantry raw coconut & macadamia bars
You probably can't see these as their slightly hidden in the back, but these come in a pack of four, they are very similar to nakd bars and are made from all raw natural ingredients just nuts and dates and thats it!
I usually get nakd bars however these were cheaper at only £2

Organic romaine lettuce
I have been trying to eat more organic produce lately, however it is more expensive which is annoying but I know its much better for you so its worth it!

are always a staple for me I love them in salads or i make avocado toasts, can't live without avocados!

Schar Gluten free wholesome loaf
This is my favourite Gluten free loaf as its the only one I've found that is Gluten free as well as Vegan and doesn't contain any soy, if you suffer with Endometriosis then you'll know why I avoid soy!
As you can see I already opened this loaf and made some toast last night:)

I love mushrooms however I do find them hard to digest, but I wanted to make some Vegan pizza's and you can't have pizza without mushrooms!

You probably can't see much at the back right there, but I also have some..

Almond butter by MaraNatha
I usually buy the brand meridian which is all natural, however this one was on offer, and I am always looking for a bargain, this one is very similar to the meridian, however its not quite as natural it contains 97% Almonds and a small amount of sustainable palm oil and salt, so its not too bad as it is mostly just Almonds, and its delicious!

Vegan chargrilled Aubergine pesto by SACLA
I am trying to avoid as much processed food as possible, however I am a big lover of pesto, so thought I'd treat myself to some since its my Birthday month :) The Ingredients also aren't too bad, I can read them all!
I am trying to perfect homemade vegan pesto at the minute, let me know if you have any good tips?

And because you can't have pesto without pasta..

Can you believe I actually forgot to upload this with my main picture?!

Anyway this pasta is Gluten free and its actually made from PEA'S! 
Its much better for you than the regular corn made gluten free pasta's, and is very high in protein and counts as one of your 5 a day.
Its does resemble the texture of pasta, however it does taste a lot like peas so unless your a fan of the little green things then its probably not for you.

Also in the back...

Black olives 
3 boxes of organic chick peas
1 box of organic cannellini beans 
1 box of organic chopped tomatoes 
I am trying to stay away from anything in a can, so I love that Tesco have the option of vege's in boxes now.

Almond milk
Tomato puree for my vegan pizza 
Gluten free wraps, which I will be using as the base to my pizza's they are prefect for making tasty, low calorie pizza's, and are easier to digest. 

Incase your wondering all of this came under £40 from Tesco, and will probably last me over a week as i still have quite a few cupboard essentials left over like rice and quinoa, that I can combine the ingredients with.

Hope you liked this type of post? let me know if you would like to see more of these posts? and if you would like to see recipes?

Have a Great Day!


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