Saturday, 15 April 2017

Juice Detoxing Good or Bad?

Now I know there's a lot of hype going around about juice detoxing, and since I have tried them myself and have researched a lot into this, I thought I would do a post on my opinion on them.

The supposed Benefits of Juice detoxing are..
Weight loss
clearer skin
detoxes the body
better digestion

I have tried quite a few juice detoxes before and I recently did a 3 day juice cleanse, which I made from fresh ingredients myself.
Your supposed to drink 6 juices a day, 3 being meal juices and 3 being snack juices, drink plenty of water, and your not supposed to eat anything else, however if you do feel hungry its ok to eat raw veggies such as carrot, cucumber, celery.

In my opinion, I personally don't think juice cleanses are necessary, I myself am Vegan, so I think if you are already eating a healthy diet, low in animal products, dairy and refined sugar, and high in fruits and vegetables then your body is already free from toxins.

Also the problem with juicing is it may cause temporary weight loss, however it is all water weight, so as soon as you start eating again, you will gain it all back.
Also as you are depriving your body of food, so you will end up binging after finishing the cleanse, as you body will be starving and deprived.

Overall I think this best possible way to detox your body is to eat a healthy clean diet of lots of fruit and veggies, low in meat dairy and processed food, if any.
And to incorporate fresh juices into your lifestyle.

Some suggestions on some yummy detoxifying juices...

 Apple, cucumber, celery and lime
 Carrot and ginger 
 Spinach, kale, apple and cucumber
 Beetroot, carrot and apple

Hope you found this helpful!
Let me know what you thought in the comments below?

Hope your all having a great Day/Night :)


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