Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eating in #Vegan #Birthday

So Yesterday was My Birthday, and unfortunately I was having an Endometriosis flare up, incase your unfamiliar with Endometriosis it is a Chronic condition that causes severe stomach and pelvic pain along with many other nasty symptoms!

Anyway due to my shitty Endo flare up I was unable to go out for a meal like I had hoped, so instead 'we' me and my bf brought the restaurant to us.

I decided to go with one of my old favourites and order from wagamama's I got my usual 'warm chilli tofu salad'

The salad is set on a bed of baby gem lettuce with stir fried aubergines, broccoli, mange tout, and red onions, garnished with chilli peppers, spring onions and cashew nuts, dressed with a sweet chilli sauce, and of course topped with the best part the stir fried tofu, the tofu is cooked to perfection crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside, something which I never seem to be able to perfect at home.

On the side I had to get some Vege dumplings, Its been years since I last ate these, I remember the first time I was ever introduced to these babies by a friend i used to live with in london, she used to buy them frozen from the local japanese store and was kind enough to make me some.
After that I was addicted they were a great meal when you were a poor student they only cost a couple pounds for a large bag and I got quite a few meals out of them.
Unfortunately I no longer have a store nearby that sells these :(
Anyway as for the Wagamama's vege dumplings i have to say they aren't as good as the store bought one's sorry wagamama's!

And of course I saved the best till last Vegan 'Sticky chocolate & praline torte' from Zizzi
This was my first ever time trying a Vegan desert! I figured it was warranted since it was my bday, and I was very surprised at how non vegan it tasted if you know what I mean? I kept double checking it was vegan haha.
The torte was set on a date and walnut base, and then topped with a chocolate praline creamy layer it was extremely rich and indulgent, and garnished with something that resembled honeycomb, which of course it can't have been since vegans don't eat honey so zizzi better not be lying to me!

All in all I had a pretty good birthday even though I was in a lot of pain with my endo food always makes everything better right?!

Hope you enjoyed this post? and I would definitely recommend trying out some of these delicious foods, let me know your fave vegan takeaway options?



  1. everything looks lovely! hope you feeling ok.

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling your best on your birthday, but it looks like you had a pretty good spread, and vegan or not, that cake looks delish!
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