Saturday, 15 April 2017

DIY Exfoliator

Hey guys, so I myself like to use a lot of natural products on my skin, so whats more natural than actually making them yourself, not only is it natural but also cheaper! :)

So here is a recipe I use to make my own exfoliator , which you can make from simple household goods...

You will Need...

sugar (or salt they both work just as good)
for this recipe I used sugar as that was all I had in the house

Extra virgin olive oil (must be extra virgin as this is a lot better for you skin than the regular kind)
You could also use coconut oil instead

Your choice of shower gel or Vanilla essence (This is optional) but i like to add it to give it a better scent
I used body shop strawberry shower gel in mine which smells amazing.

Old container

Fork or spoon (to stir)

Pour sugar in to your container add as much as you need, I like to add quite a lot, so I have plenty of exfoliator.


Then pour in your oil, you want enough so that the sugar and oil make a thick paste, so not too runny.

Then add in a little bit of shower gel if you wish.

Then stir it all together to a thick paste.

And you should end up with something that looks a little like this.

And there you have it your own DIY exfoliator.

I have used many exfoliators in the past, but I actually find this DIY one to be the best, sugar or salt is a natural exfoliator, and olive oil is a natural moisturiser, so the two combined make the perfect combination.

Hope you like this recipe an try it out for yourself!


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