Monday, 13 August 2018

Vegan omelette recipe

You may have seen my Vegan egg recipe from a while ago, so if you liked that then i'm sure you'll like this vegan omelette recipe, its very similar to how i made the vegan egg, and makes for a great high protein healthy alternative to regular eggs.
Its delicious easy to make and perfect for a weekend brunch, hope you enjoy...


Friday, 10 August 2018

10 Things its not ok to say to someone with an eating disorder!

As someone who has previously suffered with eating disorders now recovered, i thought i would share some tips on things not to say to someone with an eating disorder. 

1. "Why don't you just Eat?"
If only it was that simple, an Eating disorder is a 'Mental illness' emphasis on the 'illness'

2. ''Your so skinny''
This is never a good idea to say to someone with and ed, because all this does is make them feel good and will push them further into their eating disorder.
I remember when friends would say How skinny I was, and this made me feel good, when it shouldn't have, it wasn't good that I was starving myself, throwing up, and forcing myself to do crazy amounts of exercise daily!

3. "Your fat, chubby, normal sized"
Quite the opposite of saying someones skinny, 'fat' never a very nice thing to say to anyone, and especially to someone who suffers from an eating disorder, they already have low self esteem and this could push them over the edge.
Don't even say it as a joke, its best to just steer clear on the topic of weight!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

july favourites

Its been a long time since i've shared a favourites post, so i thought i'd share a few things i've been loving this past month..

1. Simple sheet masks
Lets starts with these not so 'simple' sheet masks, these are without a doubt the best sheet masks i have ever used.
Having sensitive skin i have to be very careful about the masks i used on my face, so really didn't expect much from a cheap face mask but after looking at the ingredients there actually pretty decent.
They are extremely soothing, refreshing and moisturising and really help to moisturise the skin and soothe redness, they are covered in essence so no need to even apply moisturiser after using.
They come in 3 different varieties, the 'de-stress mask' the 'moisture mask' and the 'pollution protect mask'.
I can't say i have a favourite since they all serve a purpose, anyway i could go on about these all day, they are really are amazing i recommend you give them a try!
There available at boots for £3 each however tesco has them on offer at the moment for only £1.50 each!


Thursday, 26 July 2018

Clarins self tanning instant gel review

Now that were into the summer months i like to trade in my ghostly pale skin for a little tan, because lets face it a sun kissed glow looks much better in a dress than bare legs covered in bruises and veins popping through.
Being very pale and suffering with sensitive skin i always find it difficult finding the perfect tan, i've used many in the past that have been bright orange or just far too highly perfumed.

I'm a fan of the moisturising lotion type tans, however in this sweaty summer weather i find them difficult to work with since there so greasy and take a long time to dry, being sweaty on top of that doesn't exactly help the application.
So i decide to look for something non greasy like a tanning gel, and came across this one from Clarins, with much research i finally took the plunge and purchased the rather pricey clarins gel tan.

This very refreshing, non-oily gel provides an instant, incomparably natural-looking tan. No need to wait before dressing. Use all year round to maintain a beautiful sun-kissed radiance. Without sun exposure, instantly gives skin the warm, golden glow of a natural tan. Pomotes a perfectly even and long-lasting tanned appearance. Helps prevent premature signs of skin ageing.

Monday, 23 July 2018

raw vegan tacos

I've been eating a lot of raw foods lately as i haven't felt much like eating hot foods due to the extreme heat here in the uk, i've also found them much better to digest, so today i thought i'd share with you one of my go to summer meals 'raw vegan taco's' not only are they healthy and nutritious but they are absolutely delicious and a great alternative to regular tacos, perfect if your looking to slim down for bikini season or just fancy a light meal, hope you enjoy...


Sunday, 15 July 2018

Coffee Chat update #Endometriosis #CFS

Hi there!

Hope your all well?
You may have noticed i haven't uploaded on here in a while, my health has been pretty bad for the last month so i've just been taking some time out to get better.

As you may know from my blog i suffer from Endometriosis and CFS and it has been in a severe flare up lately, i think the extreme heat has been the culprit, we've been having a heatwave for the past month now in the UK and if you suffer with chronic illness yourself then you'll know that extreme weather conditions can really affect it.

So i've just been trying to focus on my health i've been doing some cleanses and making sure my diets perfect and trying to relax more and get adequate rest.
I've been reading a lot during this time as you do and have found a couple books very helpful regarding chronic illness, so i thought i'd better share them.


Monday, 18 June 2018

The positives of living with chronic illness

We all hear about the negatives of chronic illness because lets face it, it is mostly negative! However like with everything there's positives and negatives so today i thought i'd share with you some of positives i have found living with a chronic illness...

It makes you more 'compassionate'
When your suffering everyday you start to feel empathy for others who are also suffering like yourself. 
Your able to understand more about people and put yourself in others shoes. 
Compassion is a fantastic trait to have, it seems to be so rare today!

It makes you smarter
When you live with mystery or very little known illness's you start to learn big words like myalgic encephalomyelitis.
And you pretty much become your own doctor, you learn so much more about the human body and mind, things that you never thought existed. 

High pain tolerance
Ofcourse when you live with chronic pain its obviously extremely unpleasant and you never really get used to it, but you do however start to develop a high pain tolerance for everything else in life, like when you accidentally cut yourself or you have tooth ache, you get punched in the face, ''didn't feel a thing'' (little exaggeration) but you get what i mean. 
You almost don't feel compassionate when others suffer with these things, because you have to endure far worse on a daily basis!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

My Top 10 most inspiring movies

To start off I'd like to say making this list was really hard, I love so many movies and have always been so inspired by many but here it is, my Top ten most inspiring movies and if you haven't seem them already I recommend you watch them!

1. Mean Girls
This has to be one of my favourite movies its just a classic funny, girly and dramatic it just never gets old no matter how many times i watch it.
The biggest lesson mean girls taught me is that "on Wednesdays we wear pink" haha, no seriously it taught me to be kind and non judgemental and work hard, yes the movies funny because its just the right amount of bitchy and superficial, but at the end of the movie you see that Cady goes back to her old innocent self and everyone manages to get along despite their differences, and that's how high school and life should be. ''I wish we could all just get along like we did in middle school''

2. Legally Blonde
Another of my faves again its girly, witty, and motivating.
I find Elle's character as a whole very inspiring she goes to Law School and just proves everyone who ever doubted her wrong, sure she starts off going to law school for the wrong reasons but it turns out to be a success in the end.
She proves that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, she comes across as your stereotypical, rich ditsy blonde white girl, when in reality she has the smarts to go far.
Elle is a risk taker and go getter, and she is extremely kind to everyone and animals which i just love about her character.
I don't know about you but I feel like after watching legally blonde Elle inspired every girl to become a Lawyer and wear a full pink suit!

3. Clueless
An absolute classic the 90s were definitely the good old days, Cher seems like your average rich girl who only cares about fashion and popularity.
But throughout the movie she proves she is so much more, she is helpful, kind, smart and classy.
I love that she wants happiness for everyone and acts like a little matchmaker.
I also love that a strong female lead in a movie is saving her virginity for the right guy, you don't see that in a lot of teen movies or in real life and i think its very admirable and a cher is a great role model to young viewers.
And Cher also proves its okay to date your step-brother 'joking' no judgement though!

Friday, 8 June 2018

My boyfriends parents don't like me! how to handle it?

How could they possibly not like me?
I was so polite, and kind and funny whats not to like about me?
You keep going over in your head what you could have possibly done wrong to make them dislike you, well the truth is people just don't like you sometimes!
It happens no matter how good of a person you are not everyones going to like you.

It is more common than you would think when it comes to your other half's 'rents'.
It's even more so common with mother's and their son's especially if they are an only child, thats their only son so they tend to be very protective.

One of the many reasons mothers tend to dislike their son's girlfriends is 'jealousy'
There's now a new lady in the centre of their son's life and she's young and hot and that's a bitter pill to swallow, when she was the only lady in his life up until now.

So what can you do? 

Well you can't make them like you but you can make them at least treat you cordially, so here are my tips having dealt with it myself and still having to deal with the 'monster in law' technically not my 'mother in law' but you know what i mean...

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Tarte Amazonian clay foundation review

I'm very exited to do this review today of the 'Tarte Amazonian clay Foundaation' this is my first time trying any Tarte product! I've been wanting to try one of their foundations for a while now, I love the whole ethos of the brand they use natural healthy ingredients and their cruelty free and vegan and their packaging is natural looking yet fun and girly.

I am usually a fan of more natural looking satin finish foundations, however when your skin has a few blemishes or you just want to go for a more glamorous look, i think its always safe to have a slightly thicker foundation on back up.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Easy healthy cookie dough style protein oat bites (Vegan & Gluten free)

I think i have a bit of an obsession with banana based oat bars, as you can probably tell by the amount of different recipes on my blog. 
So here I am back at it with another one for you! 
These make for a great post or pre-workout snack, there deliciously mourish and packed full of nutrients and a great way to use up those over-ripe bananas. 
hope you enjoy!

Vegan omelette recipe

You may have seen my Vegan egg recipe from a while ago, so if you liked that then i'm sure you'll like this vegan omelette rec...

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